Why do Scorpio Men Love Capricorn Women?

Why do Scorpio Men Love Capricorn Women?
I have always had Scorpio men fall for me and my other Capricorn friends too. I know a lot of Cap/Scorpio couples too. What is it Scorpio loves about the Cappie?

Suggestion by dimples1974
i thought it was scorpio men loves virgo girls.

Suggestion by Missy M
I don’t know.
I’m scorpio girl and i’m not attracted to capricorn guys and I think that the girls are to serieus.
sorry I don’t really like them :)

Suggestion by Bee Got
That calm and classic,most beautiful everyday women looks on Capi women.And they both love black color,because black is the one color means cool and still…control,masculine,mysterious!

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Do Scorpio men love the women they cheat with?
Do they have any feelings for them at all besides an opportunity for a fling?

I’ve heard they cheat with women who are mysterious and alluring, but only if the person they’re dating is losing interest, unavailable or possibly cheating themselves.

Do Scorpio men ever get feelings for the people they have an affair with, or is it just a game to them?

Also, are the odds for a Gemini/Scorpio pairing less or more likely to survive when compared to Scorpio/Leo?

Suggestion by Psychedilio
i would never cheat so it’s hard for me to say.

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HowToFindAManNow.com How to Get a Scorpio Man to fall in Love with You Are you wondering how to get a Scorpio man to fall in love with you? Scorpios represent a rare breed of men. These fine men are especially sensitive and love with an overwhelming passion. Scorpio men are able to understand the feelings of the woman they are with and are willing to cater to the emotions of their mates. They also take great pride in anticipating what their women want. It is quite understandable why a woman would want a Scorpio man in her life. If you are attracted to a man who was born on Oct. 23 to Nov. 21, you can take steps to become more appealing to him. It is important to know that when your Scorpio man is hurt, he carries that wound around with him forever. Men, who are born under the sign of the Scorpio, love so deeply that it’s hard for them to trust again after having their hearts broken. If you really want to know how to get a Scorpio man to fall in love with you, then you know that playing games of the heart is not the way to do it. By chance, you meet the love of your life after he has had a bad breakup, then you will need to work hard to show him that you are worthy of what he has to offer. Do not be put off by his intense questions; he is just trying to make sure he is not hurt again. Once he feels comfortable with you, you will find yourself wrapped in the comforting arms of his love. Since Scorpio men are very passionate lovers, they require a woman who appreciates

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