Which is the better: Scorpio Man with a Scorpio Woman or a Scorpio Man with Virgo Woman?

Which is the better: Scorpio Man with a Scorpio Woman or a Scorpio Man with Virgo Woman?
i think that its better for a scorpio male to be with a scorpio woman, but whats your opinion? and why? thx to everyone who answer!

Suggestion by Lalina
virgo woman, because scorpio and scorpio are too alike. scorpio also likes to boss around and 2 scorpios bossing around doesn’t work.

Suggestion by Master Bater
I’d have to say scorpio man and scorpio woman, just because they may be the only ones who can relate to eachother or understand eachother. The only prob is that if they cant work it out they may end up in this battle to dominate on another.

Suggestion by Fractured
Either you like a person or you don’t. It really doesn’t matter when they were born or what so-called ‘sign’ they are supposed to be because astrology is nonsense What are you going to do if you really like someone but you are considered by some dumb website to be ‘incompatible’ with that person, get depressed? Forget the whole thing?? Why should astrologers limit YOUR options or ruin YOUR life? Forget astrology, take control and live the life that YOU want to live.

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virgo woman scorpio man is it a good love match.Ten Points for best answer?
im a virgo woman just wondering if i was to date a scorpio man what would it be like because i never dated one and dont know what they are like. ten points for best answer.

Suggestion by Chris Q.T.
Yes I’ve heard about a lot Virgo’s dating Scorpios & what not & like them a lot
but em I’m not rely fond with the sign for Scorpio’s =p sry
all I know is Virgo’s & Scorpio’s are a goodddd match =)

Suggestion by J L
virgo girl dated scorpio man. both signs are controlling/ not very open, well atleast for me this was the biggest hurdle and it didnt work out. Also virgo analyze like crazy and scorpio mind games will have your mind racing like 24/7 also we are nervous and scorpios bring much stress to virgos

Suggestion by Ágnes
As a friendship it can work very well.
As a relationship it works more or less.

Anyway, good luck.

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2 Responses to Which is the better: Scorpio Man with a Scorpio Woman or a Scorpio Man with Virgo Woman?

  1. Moon-Goddess November 1, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    awesome match almost. everything except u gotta learn to be more demonstrative and u gotta learn to love sex and not be prudent about it. otherwise, this match is perfect

  2. SUN1 November 1, 2012 at 6:15 am #

    J L nailed it..

    I’m VERY attracted to scorps and sex with them is out of this world.. but emotionally they drive me nuts.

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