what’s the relationship compatibility like for a Libra woman and Scorpio man?

what’s the relationship compatibility like for a Libra woman and Scorpio man?
I’m a Libra and two of my best friends are Scorpios (a guy and a girl). I’m kind of interested in a Scorpio guy (no, not my best friend lol). So how compatible are a Libra woman and a Scorpio man in relationships?

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bad. Libras aare SHIIIT in bed.

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Depends if they believe in BS signs. It’s not like the position of stars during the time you were born influences your personality. Duh.

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Libra woman is very well balanced bit scorpio man are very mean.

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scorpio relationship compatibility

Cancer girl and scorpio guy relationship compatibility?
I was born June 22nd 1994, he was born November 21 1992
My mars is Taurus and his mars is Cancer
My venus is Leo and his is Capricorn.

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its good

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everythink you need to now about zodiac compatibility and what attracts the other

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Cancer and Scorpio
When Cancer and Scorpio make a love match, the resulting relationship draws together the energies of two emotionally intense Signs. Signs such as these often combine well, each partner’s strengths balancing the other’s weaknesses. These Signs feel a strong sexual attraction, and when they are together the temperature in the room tends to rise! Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common, and much potential to keep their relationship passionate and going strong. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy buying things together and creating a comfortable living space: Cancer craves security and Scorpio strives for power. Both occupy their minds with thoughts of domestic goods and resources, including stocks, bonds and inheritances. Since they are both concerned with the home and have fierce loyalties to the family group, Cancer and Scorpio complement each other well. They both see life as a passionate and deeply emotionally exercise of human connection. The Moon (Emotion) rules Cancer, while Mars (Passion) and Pluto (Power) both rule Scorpio. Thanks to Pluto’s powerful influence, this is an intense combination of Planets, but it’s also a good balance of masculine and feminine energy. These two Signs coming together form the basic foundation of human relationships — The Moon’s nurturing love and Mars’ ambition and passion. The Moon and Mars go well together; the Moon is about growth and rebirth, and Mars is about the passion of romance. Scorpio, influenced by that Martian energy, is smoldering and intense, and emotional Cancer is attracted to this intensity. In turn, Scorpio enjoys the adoration inherent to Moon-ruled, nurturing Cancer. Cancer and Scorpio are both Water Signs. Both are very deep Signs and, like the ocean, you can never really see to the bottom of these two. Scorpio and Cancer may draw further and further into themselves, then suddenly roar back with intimidating force. Loyalty is strong with this love match, thanks to their mutual desire for emotional security. But while Cancer fixes their emotional energy on the family and home, Scorpio focuses more on life’s nuances and undertones, the secrets behind other’s intentions, the power they can wield over other’s emotions. Scorpio can take Cancer on a journey beyond the literal surface of things, and Cancer’s expansive heart can open Scorpio up to their own emotions, teaching their Scorpio mate that feeling is nothing to fear. Additionally, Scorpio appreciates their Cancer mate’s practicality, and Cancer really enjoys Scorpio’s jealousy — it proves that Scorpio really loves and cherishes them. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Once this couple have a common wish, it will come true. However, if their opinions clash, look out! Cancer will be the first to instigate an argument and Scorpio the last to finish it. Cancer may seem to act as the dominant partner and manage to get their way more often, but that isn’t always the truth. Sometimes Scorpio won’t even agree to disagree, they just might pretend to give in. Neither Cancer nor Scorpio are beyond using emotional manipulation to get revenge. Rather than letting disagreements and bad feelings boil over, these love partners must discuss what’s truly important to them in order to reach an equitable compromise. Once Scorpio and Cancer learn to trust and believe in one another, they can achieve almost anything through sheer determination. This love relationship will only fail if the two partners truly cannot overcome their opinionated, stubborn sides. What’s the best thing about the Cancer-Scorpio love match? Their powerful teamwork when they agree on their goals. When Cancer realizes that Scorpio is there for the long haul and that the partnership is emotionally productive, this relationship can blossom. Their mutual determination makes theirs a relationship of formidable strength.

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Happy birthday Scorpio! Here is your love, sex, and relationship compatibility explained based on your astrological sign.

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  1. ☼♑ Anamchara☽♒ says

    In order to answer this question correctly, you need to compare the time, place, and date of birth of you and the other person.
    It important to compare the degrees between the signs and planets of each chart also. Sun signs are notoriously unreliable for compatibility analysis,
    so you really do need to look at the aspects to tell.

    If you want to create a Western compatibility chart, you can go to http://www.astro-software.com/cgi-bin/astro/comp2f and put in both birth dates. It will give you a
    compatibility analysis which is much more accurate and exact than anything sun sign based.

    In general:
    Soul mate connections are seen in the aspects between the moon, South Node and soft aspects to Saturn.
    Sexual attraction is generally seen in aspects of Venus and Mars.
    Intellectual attraction is generally seen in aspects between Mercury and Sun.
    Emotional attraction is generally seen in aspects between Moon and Mars.

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  2. bassbe says

    Well girl you want my advice? I’ve just split up with my man and he’s a Scorpio. I’m a Libra…

    Put it this way.. Scorpio men are very very jealous and they don’t know how to communicate.

    I would say us Libras are extroverted and they’re definitely the opposite.

    He hated me being the centre of attention when we were out. I’m a good dancer and loved to enjoy myself. He could not dance. LOL.

    My man used to get super jealous when we were in nightclubs and used to want to start a fight with every guy who even dared to look at me.

    They can be quite critical too, but with my man I think this was a way of him boosting his self esteem.

    I’m a very good looking girl and I think this made him feel insecure.

    I like to think they are honest people though.

    I just think they are SUPER jealous and kind of controlling.

    I loved my man, but I think he left me because I’m a super diva and was always screaming at him. Well he was messy and that got on my nerves.

    The sex is okay, not the best. Be prepared to have to work lol. I think I was too much for him. Looks wise and in the bed lol.

    I think us Libras are better suited to fellow air signs also to fire signs.

    All I can say is it’s up to you. Only you know best and this is just what I’ve experienced in the past year..

    I personally would not like to be tied down for life with one.

    Find someone who enjoys going out and who is man enough to discuss what problems they have going on in their lives.

    Don’t let him push all his insecurities onto you.

    I’m not being big headed, just positive and stronger.

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck.


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  3. Louise says

    I was married to a scorp man and he was a reliable man but not as loving and affectionate as us libras are… They dnt like talking through there problems that they have within the relationship. This annoys us libras because we like to sort things out with our partners to make things alright again. Tho scorps dnt like discussing they just push it aside and hold grudges with there partner..

    I left him cause he could not communicate his issues in the relationship. I ended up resenting him for not wanting to resolve things.

    But they will do anything u ask like buy me this they are very resourceful and very generous.

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  4. Person Karpomez says

    i dunno about you.. but i’m a libra woman and every scorpio i’ve ever had any kind of a relationship with sucks. i really hate scorpios :( so intreverted

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  5. Silver Soul says

    Just do it. You feel the vibe right

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