What does a capricorn sun sign, capricorn rising sign and gemini moon sign mean?

What does a capricorn sun sign, capricorn rising sign and gemini moon sign mean?
I heard that capricorn and gemini are really different. I have a lot of qualities of a capricorn, but I am also fun, flirty and out going like a gemini? I am not a neat freak either, like most capricorns…. is this the gemini in me?

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Being a Capricorn, I would like to inform you we’re not freaks… We just love tidiness and order like every earth sign… Capricorns indeed are not the best example of sociability but they are not introverted either… They can be very flirty, if they are obsessed with a person

Having a gemini moon sign means you share some common characteristics with Geminis, who are mostly talkative, outgoing etcetera…

As far as Capricorn – Gemini compatibility is concerned, they are not very very compatible indeed… However, Capricorn is Gemini’s karmic partner which means in bed they set on fire…. ;) And that is good for your natal chart, too…

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How compatible are Taurus women with Capricorn men?
I am a female taurus and have a capricorn love interest and wondered how compatible the two signs are according to horoscopes.

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Taurus is a strong match for Capricorn, for they both have passions that are straightforward and uncomplicated. There won’t be much romance but plenty of healthy sex. They share the same goals and like the same kinds of friends, and both are fond of security and money. Capricorn is a bit more secretive than Taurus would like, but all the same Capricorn’s loyalty makes Taurus feel secure. And Taurus is charmed by Capricorn’s unexpected sense of humor. Long-term relations are promising.

Practical, Prudent, Ambitious, Disciplined, Patient, Careful, Humorous and Reserved Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted, Loving, Persistent, Determined, Placid and Security Loving Pessimistic, Fatalistic, Miserly, Grudging, Over Conventional and Rigid Jealous, Possessive, Resentful, Inflexible, Self-Indulgent and Greedy

Capricorns are ambitious, hard working and never lose sight of their goals. While the pragmatic Capricorn’s “one step at a time” approach to getting things done may not be all that interesting, it usually delivers results.

It is not uncommon for Capricorns to be arrogant and overbearing while on their march to success. Of course they will rationalize their behavior by saying a domineering nature is a trait of a born leader. Capricorns are industrious and detail oriented. They are not ones to take risks, which means they often have to wait for success. Being patient and confident they will succeed, the wait for glory is no problem for them.

Capricorns are traditionalist to the point of often seeming a bit stiff and out of sync. They are not ones to wander far from home or chase wild dreams. They are rational and never have bursts of emotions. Sometimes they can be a bit greedy, but their devotion to work and family offsets this easily. Although their ambition may seem limitless, Capricorns never resort to cheating to succeed. When success does come to them, they find it very fulfilling, because they attained it their way. Taureans love pleasure and material gain. For them the outcome is all that matters, and it only matters if they have gained. They are physically sensual and tender, and love to bask in excess. Their ultimate pursuit is “the good life” in every sense of the phrase.

Like the bull that represents them, Taureans are often seen as stubborn. However, what some see as stubbornness is actually the Taurean’s will to stay their chosen course to reach their goals. Bulls are pragmatic and dependable, and left to trudge along at their own speed usually attain that which they seek.

Being born in the House of Venus, it really should come as no surprise these self-indulgent pleasure seekers are also great lovers of the arts and all things beautiful. They need to be surrounded by beauty to be happy. Taureans also value tradition, stability and loyalty. At times they may be very sentimental, emotional. Conversely, there is nothing impractical about the slightly conservative Taurean. They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of the stable Taurean may not suit others, they ensure these Bulls will find the earthly rewards they seek.

Taurus sign compatibility with Capricorn
Taurus and Capricorn, Earth again and again. Can a goat live under the same roof with a bull? Of course it can! The Taurus-Capricorn relationship is a highly promising one.

Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth signs, which means that you think alike and understand each other, even “feel” each other intuitively.

First of all, Capricorn inspires you, because he is not the man/woman to stay down the valley – the goat has to climb up the hills and the rocks to be at ease: (s)he is ambitious and persevering. It is at the top of the mountain that the Capricorn feels good and (s)he has enough patience and tenacity to reach his/her goals. Capricorn is very hardworking. When (s)he gets down to work, (s)he commits himself to it and gives his best.

Just like you, Capricorn knows how to deal with money and especially what to do with it, so you won’t be in danger regarding the domestic resources. Your life together will be harmonious because you both know from your own experience what the other wants or needs.

Although Capricorn often has a very high sense of humor, (s)he is governed by Saturn, the planet of seriousness and of lessons taught by life, and that makes him/her more responsible, more careful, even more pessimistic: (s)he always expects the worse. You will often see a Capricorn in love expecting disappointments: this is Saturn’s influence.

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you guys are supposed to be perfect for each other

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  1. ღ°•.♥.•°ღ aquarius_gal ღ°•.♥.•°ღ says

    ………..Taurus – Capricorn Compatibility
    A great compatibility is seen in this match as far as the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life are concerned. Taurus and Capricorn have a practical approach towards life. The ambitions and calmness of the Goat will attract the Bull, who will attract the former with his strong determination. This match fails to enjoy the zeal of life as they focus themselves towards the other aspects of life. The compatibility between these two zodiac signs is at the greatest height due to their mutual understanding, faith and consonance.

    Compatibility of Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man

    Taurus woman and Capricorn man have the ever lasting love which makes their match the best pair on the compatibility chart. Both of them will enjoy each other’s company. A Capricorn man finds his perfect soul mate in a Taurus woman. The seriousness of a Capricorn man is relaxed by the loving and trustworthy nature of his Taurus soul mate. If they do not bother about the minor differences this match can be called as the love match made in heaven.

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