What character traits does a Scorpio have?

What character traits does a Scorpio have?
so ive read many blogs and watched many videos about the “new zodiak signs” and several famous astronomers says its not true and theyve known this for years so nothing is changing, and im happy because i fit the Scorpio traits perfectly, but i only know several traits so if your a scorpio what kind of traits do you have?

Suggestion by Confuzzled
Jealousy, passion and secrecy apparently. A load of bunkum in my humble opinion.

Suggestion by u dummie
Uh, it’s “Zodiac”.

And Scorpios have a very low tolerance toward stupid people.

Suggestion by Tanya
Many Scorpios are born with an intuitive nature. Some may read people very easily making them misunderstood and people uncomfortable. Its not a Scorpios fault however, many born under that sign just have stronger ESP then other signs. Scorpios get to understand humanity, life, death, easier then most can. They tend to be very trans-formative people who can quickly adapt when they need to. Scorpios are all about power and as they get older in life typically hold an authoritative figure of their job.

Scorpio is the sign of sex as well, and known to the most passionate lover in more of the mental sense. They can get into your head in bed. Talented to boot, and often unforgettable in their bedroom skills.Some become nymphomaniacs.

Darkside, Scorpios can be very vicious. You dont cross a Scorpio and get away with it. They seek revenge and do it well.

I could go on and on….

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What are the character traits of a Scorpio?
I’m a scorpio.

Suggestion by ashlee
google it :)
you will find some really interesting things. i’m a scorpio too!


Suggestion by Britney J
you are loyal, sturbborn, honest, possessive, controling, and envious

Suggestion by redmuppet
Loyal,intense,passionate,jealous,wilful,stubborn oh the list goes on but i wouldn’t want to be anything less than a scorpio.

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  1. mudpie1598 says

    Some of us can be introverted or extroverted. I am usually both, depending on the people that I’m around with. I’m loyal, secretive, mysterious, hard working, honest, manipulative(I manipulate the day, events, and people to sometimes suit my needs.) dark, revengeful, and sexual/lustful. I walk into a room and I exude sex. Even though, I’ve only had one sexual partner in my 11 years of dating him, people think that I’m promiscous and that I’m not faithful. I am very funny and very charming. I’m good with money. I’m a loner who likes to spend large amounts of time in a quiet/lonely space.

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  2. milly_1963 says

    The only sign which has three symbols, it is up to the individual to some degree whether you become a scorpion, an eagle or a grey lizard. The scorpion is legendary for the sting in the tail, and gives the Scorpian a fearsome reputation. The grey lizard tends to turn the prodigous Scorpio energy and passion inwards on himself and become bitter and melancholy, perhaps prone to drug or alcohol dependency. However the eagle soars above the problems of the world with no fear. The person born under this most complex of signs has a steady gaze and piercing, hypnotic eyes. You have total ego: you are not bothered by insults or compliments as you have an untouchable sense of who and what you are. You tend to be cool and composed, rarely nervous, and with a vitality and charisma. Your hot inner nature is masked by an inscrutable poker-face. A compliment from you is praise indeed as you don’t deign to flatter and tend to tell the truth, warts and all. However you may have a sweet nature, especially sympathetic towards the infirm. If roused to revenge for any reason, the scorpion will sting and sting again, anxious to get even at any cost, whereas the eagle will take his just revenge then move on and rise above negative emotions. Negative emotions are the province of the grey lizard type of Scorpian. You seldom become ill, but be careful if you do as it may be serious. You may be deeply interested in life and death, religion, sex and a desire to right wrongs. Brave and faithful to family and loved ones, protective of the small and weak. You are possessive of what’s yours and quietly ambitious.

    Love & Blessings

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