What attracts a Scorpio Man to a Cancer Woman?

What attracts a Scorpio Man to a Cancer Woman?
What is it that Scorpio Men like about Cancer women?
What are they attracted to with regards to Cancer women?
What do they like and dislike about Cancer women?

PLEASE GIVE DETAIL!!! I am trying to figure it out as I am a Cancer woman dating a Scorpio Man!
Only SERIOUS answers please!

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astrology is BULLSHIT!!!!

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Scorpio is attracted to many signs but Cancer is also a Water Sign as Scorpio is so you both have emotional natures. Much depth.

A few general tips for holding onto Scorpio:

Ask no personal questions. Scorpio has a deep mistrust of others so show that you are a trustworthy person and that goes far with Scorpio.

You don’t tell Scorpio’s Business to Anyone. Again this brings up Scorpio’s mistrust of others. Everything is between you and your Scorpio ONLY.

Don’t be too loud when you’re together as Scorpio doesn’t like to attract attention and a loudmouthed woman won’t be around Scorpio long!

Don’t be clingy and needy and ask him a bunch of questions when he’s been gone. Again asking too much of Scorpio again due to their deep mistrust of others. Scorpio is secretive.

Scorpio likes a woman to keep the home fires burning. And all that goes with it (as most mates) such as cooking and cleaning. Yech but Scorpio is gonna like that big time. But just because you feed him doesn’t mean that you get to ask Twenty Questions. Ask nothing and again this goes far.

Scorpio dislikes clingy-ness as really most signs do and sorry but Cancer can be a clingy sign. Everybody needs SPACE so make sure he gets his “Alone Time.” Please don’t cling!

Hope this helps you and good luck and bless you too.

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Scorpio man & cancer woman!!!?
What should a cancer woman do when apologizing to a Scorpio man? Please help!!!!!!!

Suggestion by Alice
Just let him stew in his own juice. He already thinks he is all that.

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Answer mine? (:


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Scorpio / Cancer
The attraction is instant and emotions soon sprout one after another. Two signs of emotional, sensitive, crazy relationships, can build an interesting life together. Both are loyal and appreciate the loyalty in relationships. Both want seriousness, commitment and dedication, as well as fidelity and emotional commitment. The big problem is that double the capacity that each has his own way, to blackmail and manipulate others to get what they want. Scenes full of emotion and sentiment will not miss. The danger lies in the way that each demonstrates their concerns and anger. Scorpio can hurt too Cancerian sensitivity of their aggressiveness and the need to destroy. And the anger Scorpio will surely come to light when you realize the pitfalls of Cancer manipulative.
Worth a try

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  1. LostSoulsAreOutThere... says

    Im a Scorpio woman with very bad experiences with Cancers, there are about, ummm… one cancer woman i get a long with and she keeps my prejudice against cancers upfloat and actually gives me hope.

    What I love about my cancer friend is… i dont have to talk, she’s that intuitive:D she’s hyper-sensitive like myself, she’s beautiful to look at and we used to fight in the beginning, but were never mad at one another, nor betrayed one another, and one day she called me out of the blue and said one of the most beautiful things to me “Im sorry that we’ve had our misunderstandings in the past. It’s hard to figure you out, but I realize it just takes time to know you. With patience and a loving attitude towards you, now Im not so defensive around you”

    And that warmed my heart. I felt totally understood by her. What else was so amazing about my Cancer friend was that when I visited her on a happy occasion, not only was I in a great mood, she saw through it, and not only did she see through it, she knew EXACTLY what was on my mind! Never knew anyone like that! It was crazy refreshing:D

    She was Cancer sun Scorpio moon and I loved her intuition and how caring she was…

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  2. coloredclouds4 says

    i don’t understand the attraction really… but mainly i’d say because scorpio loves being in control and having power. really LOVES it. Since many other signs are not easy to control, they can pounce on cancer. But other than that i don’t see it. I feel like Scorpios are too intense for delicate cancer.

    But there are always exceptions :)

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  3. ♥somechic♥ says

    LEGER’ RAJUN CAJUN: Sounds like someone’s jealous! Anyways, Scorpio have no control over cancer, do your research! Scorpio love powerful & unique people like them. Cancer is unique in my opinion.. Scorpio love that about them but on the downside, they are too much alike, it’s better to stay friends then lovers!

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