What are the main differences between Scorpio men and Scorpio women?

What are the main differences between Scorpio men and Scorpio women?
Besides the obvious for the clowns out there. I have never been in a relationship/friendship with a scorpio man. Yet, from reading various questions on here about them, I am convinced that scorpio men are the reason that scorps have a bad rep. All the scorpio women I know, including myself, are really honest, caring, deep people who like to chill have a good time and never go looking for trouble or hurt people just because they can control them.

Suggestion by carrot violin
I think Scorpio women come off as tough and strong and Scorpio men, usually, come off as sensitive and gentle. That’s been my experience. I love Scorps.

Suggestion by Lunachit
their private parts

Suggestion by Jennifer
Scorpio men, their intentions are a little more hurtful than the women. They put on such a good act while they still have their interior motives. But I guess it just really depends on the guy. I love Scorpio men though, they’re so playful haha.

&I find that Carrot Violin guy or w.e awesome icon smile What are the main differences between Scorpio men and Scorpio women? lol

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What happens if a Scorpio woman disappears from a Leo man?
They both like each other [friends keep saying they like each other and to get a room] but the Leo man is playing mind games and the Scorpio is unsure whether he likes her or not because he’s playing the cat and mouse game. He backs off when she shows interest or is available but chases her when she’s not there.. is this typical Leo behavior?

If the Scorpio woman disappears for, say, a month.. what would the Leo man say / do? Will he miss her and finally admit his feelings? What will he do?

Suggestion by YaBoy
He (the Leo man) would most probably begin to come to terms with his feelings for the Scorpio gal..
Good luck to them…:-)

Suggestion by MoDizzifromSanDizzi
Chase her, from my experience… unless you are mean or rude to a Leo they will pursue you. But if you are vulgar in anyway or step on the Leos pride they will turn their nose up at you. Leos are not rude people and do not like rude people. In fact, they will not put up with it. And lets face it us Scorpios can be nasty and rude people. Leos don’t do negativity. You are going to have to open up to the sunny Leo and be happy and positive if you want him to be encouraged to make the first move. Be cute (not seductive and dark), open, funny, flirtatious, care about your looks, be bubbly and smiley… they’ll love it. Leos are an open, honest and warm sign. Do not be that dark deep Scorpio that thinks too much. He’ll be turned off.

Suggestion by Alex
No, it is not typical leo behaviour. It is normal human (man and woman) behaviour in courtship, when a man steps forward, the women will retreat and vice versa.

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Scorpio woman

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3 Responses to What are the main differences between Scorpio men and Scorpio women?

  1. Light Blue November 29, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    erk, i’m not sure what exactly leo man would do since i never been in a serious relationship with one but let’s think reality…… if a man do love and care for you he would be crazy if you’re gone for quite a while and without any news at all. if he loves you enough, oh yeah he will try to find you like crazy!

    i’m a scorpio girl and technically i’ve done this “technique” before! ;p
    well, it’s a great feeling for me since he did try to find me like crazy (plus i got scolded for leaving him like that without any words). people might say it’s bad playing with people like that but it’s crucial to see what’s their real feelings are in my opinion.

    again, not sure what a leo man would do but it’s your risk to take and find out the answer :)
    scorpio girl

  2. Kiss Me, You Fraudulent Fool! November 29, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    body parts and the tendency to cry more.

    For the men, of course.

  3. pat November 29, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    Scorpio men are sensitive easily hurt and always feels lonely. They are jealous and possessive but has an amazingly charisma. Scorpio women are stronger and mysterious. They love excitement and prefer “all or nothing”, even when it comes to marriage.

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