What are the characteristics of an evolved Scorpio male? does age have anything to do with this process?

What are the characteristics of an evolved Scorpio male? does age have anything to do with this process?
Do some Scorpios evolve faster than others? I heard some turn into eagles at the age of 36 while others earlier…What has been your experience of an evolved scorpio male?

Suggestion by HuuPoo
Ego vs Confidence. Most immature Scorpio’s have big ego’s and little confidence. A mature more evolved Scorpio has more confidence than ego. The main difference is the actions a Scorpio takes. Immature scorpio’s still can’t control there emotions, a mature Scorpio does and keeps himself in check at all times.

Suggestion by PiNKCaT
Liars like to ruin lives and like to be in control i hate scorpios my ex was a scorpio and he was a the biggest liar i have met in my life with a 1000 personality disorder

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What is the compatibilty of a Scorpio male and Sag female?
scorpio male 11/13 and sag female 12/17…. any advice, experiences, suggestions! he used to be all over me and now it’s waning and boring

Suggestion by Bob
Depends on personality and common interests, not on the position of giant balls of gas and rock in space.

Suggestion by Linh V
Sags finds Scoprios are boring, difficult and jealous! My Dad is Sag and my step-mother is Scorpio. She is extremely jealous! My half brother is also a Scorpio, and he almost never talks with my Dad because they are just too different. One of my best friend is Sag, she also found one friend of us ( Scorpio guy) distant and boring.

Sags’d better go with Leos! My Dad, my 2 best friends are all Sags. They are my truly most favourites! I always feel happy, exciting and fun whenever I am with one of them!

I am dating also with a Scorpio man. He is not boring to talk with. But I find he is difficult and he is not open. We can talk, but mostly our points are different. I also feel that I am losing my interests and getting bored..

I am a Leo.

Suggestion by safa
……………Scorpio – Sagittarius Compatibility
Scorpions represent a water sign and Sagittarians a fire sign. When Scorpions and Sagittarins combine their relationship can become exciting and inspiring. Sagittarians are very boisterous, audacious and loquacious. They can add spice to the life of Scorpions. Scorpions, on the other hand, are very passionate and loyal lovers as well as strong and ambitious. Sagittarians take things and even relationships casually but Scorpions are very serious towards their realtionships.

Compatibility of Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman is very frank and generous. She loves Scorpio man’s strength and determination. Both will take delight in adventurous activities. The couple will enjoy each other’s company and can make it a sizzling relationship, provided the Scorpio man gives freedom to her. The Scorpio man expects a lot from the Sagittarius woman and if she is able to fulfil his desires, then both can enjoy a lasting relationship.

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What are the Characteristics of a Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius and Rising in Scorpio?
I am a Scorpio Male, born on the cusp of Sagittarius (November 19) the first day of the cusp.
My moon is in Aquarius.
My Rising is in Scorpio.
I would like to know the characteristics expected of my sign.

Also, would my zodiac sign be compatible with a female (see below) and what are her characteristics?
Sun in Sagittarius
Moon in Libra
Rising in Gemini

Thanks for any response!
Appreciate it.

Suggestion by lily.
well, the only difference with me is that my rising is in Taurus
my moon being in aqua, people think that i dont care, but deep down i care too much that i cant tell. I tend to remember saying goodbye when a person is gone, i remember saying i love you when its late and so on. well, for a Scorpio sun, its clearly that we are jealous, but i wouldn’t say all scorpios are jealous, it all depends, because one of my ex wasn’t, his planets were pretty fine.

its better to have all your chart structured out though, it took me a while to know myself better, my Venus is very instrumental in my personality, i found out recently.
hope this helps.

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One Response to What are the characteristics of an evolved Scorpio male? does age have anything to do with this process?

  1. Shivani November 21, 2012 at 6:56 am #

    compatibility is not very gud.. they both r egoistic,, and do watever they feel like,, don’t like to please each other much.. and by and large r not caring enough for each other’s emotions..

    they feel very exciting on the onset of any relationship but their luv fade away with time..

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