what are some of the signs that a scorpio man is thinking about marriage?

what are some of the signs that a scorpio man is thinking about marriage?
I think my guy thinking about popping the big question. He hints about all sorts of domestic things that he is good at and how i would make the perfect wife someday, but we haven’t out right discussed marriage. I do know marriage is a very big step but I wonder if there is any subtle hints that a secretive scorpio man might give off? Any Ladies out there married to a scorpio man that can give me any insight to how they popped the question?

Suggestion by Bobbie
I had experience with one Scorpio and can tell you my truth: if he is really in love, he tells you very quick, that he loves you and will marry you. Scorpios are very passionate signs and they show it.

Suggestion by Marina P
So many questions about scorpios!

First I will say this, if a scorpio man wants to marry you, he will simply ask.

But there are some scorpio men that are a little different… They will hint about it to a potential spouse, but it is not “hinting” in the traditional sense. Sometimes they hint at it because they want to know your opinion on the subject… and that’s all. They like to be in control. They may have no desire to marry you at all, but they want to know if YOU want to MARRY them.

best advice is, ignore the hint (unless it’s blatant). Make or wait until he actually comes out and pops the question. Don’t make it easy for him. That will turn him off.

Yeah, they are a puzzle…

Suggestion by RaRaGirl
LOL I know exactly how you feel! Scorpio men love to be mysterious and you must love the challenge of being with him and figuring him out. I would not take his comments too seriously though. There are some gray lizard Scorpio men that use hinting as a way to lead you on. Don’t forget, they love sex and will do what it takes to get what they want. It’s not their fault you read too much into their comments. Then, there are the eagle Scorpios that will their way through life. If they like something, they end up owning it one way or another. This includes you. If you guys barely fight and you get good vibes from him all the time, then yeah maybe he is thinking ahead and just waiting for the right time. Some Scorpios won’t do anything unless they can do it right. They don’t buy cheap stuff. They buy quality stuff that lasts. They don’t date cheap women. Yes, they may sleep/fool around with cheap women to pass time until they find one that really interests them, but as far as a real relationship, they prefer high quaity women. They usually have high standards. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by jumping to conclusions. It does sound like he thinks highly of you so take that for what it is. You will know when he is serious when he starts asking your opinions on big decisions, like buying a house or if he even mentions kids.

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Can a Scorpio man tell me the traits and characteristics of the sign?
I’m interesting in a Scorpio man and I want to know what they are like coming from one. How should I act? What is good to do and not good to do? How do I catch his attention? I am a pisces woman and I heard they are a fantastic match.

Suggestion by Tee
Trying to figure this out myself! (:

Suggestion by Adam A
As an astrologer I can tell you that the ‘Sun; sign may have little do to with the persons personality. In astrology there are several planets that must be taken into consideration and also the dynamics between them If you really wanted to understand someone nature briefly you need to get their Sun sign, their moon sign and their rising sign.

However Scorpio men can be very determined, intuitive secretive, powerful, passionate, sexual, secretive, and magnetic.

Suggestion by Red Eyes
I am a Scorpio, and speaking solely on a personal level.

I am shy, so a woman who is will to be upfront about feelings certainly makes things easier on me. Anything spontaneous, such and randomly grabbing and holding my hand or kissing me, is typically welcome, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Catching his attention is a matter of approaching him and making conversation. Make physical contact, but not too much, enough that would suggest to him that you’re interested.

If all else fails and you think he does like you back still, just lay it out there. If he likes you back you should get a pretty positive reaction out of this.

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  1. SAM says

    Scorpio men are different from other sign men. They are shy, quiet and calm, but their eyes are watching everything around them. They could feel about people who try to deal with them through eyes contact or feeling. If you want to catch his attention, you should approach him first, be friendly with him, start conversation about nature, science, soul, art, romantic place or his favorite place. Avoid anything that make he feel uncomfortable. Try to understand what he said and told him about your feeling, then you will attract him. Remember many scorpio men are shy, and they don’t like to deal with unknown people around them. So you must make him feel comfortable and friendly with you in order to catch his attention.

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