Virgo man & Scorpio Woman love?

Virgo man & Scorpio Woman love?
My friend asked in while texting if he liked me. Each time he was like “Maaaayyyyyybeeeee ;)”. He always flirts with me! I kind of like it. We have pretty dirty convos ;) and we kind of tease each other. Plus we’re very open with each other. Plus we do the Skype sex thing since he lives in another state and we only get to see each other when his schedule allows him too. My friend doesn’t like him at all and she asked him if I was just his computer sex toy and if that’s the only reason he talks to me. He for a all defensive and was saying how its our private lives and if I didn’t like it or never want to do it I don’t have to and that we do talk when we’re on there. Plus he’s always saying I’m amazing. I just really like it :) do yall think he likes me? Or…not?

Suggestion by Daisy
good, they may eternity lovers

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sun in leo and venus in virgo man and scorpio sun and scorpio in venus woman love compatibility?
i am really interested in this man. is there anything that would be good for me to know about a leo man with virgo in venus. Do you think we would be compatible
please help!

Suggestion by ۩۞۩ Undo§§a ۩۞۩

Both of you are very proud, stubborn, strong-willed individuals and you are attracted to the strength of character that you sense in each other. There is a feeling of conquest between you that may serve to intensify the excitement of your attraction to each other. However, your strong wills may also prove to be a problem in a long-term relationship. You face the possibility that your combined inflexibility will make it difficult for the two of you to reach mutually satisfying decisions and both of you tend to stubbornly resist compromising when your preferences are different. A battle of wills is likely to ensue!

Another potential problem is jealousy or lop-sided bonding. SCORPIO bonds very intensely in romantic relationships and is inclined towards monogamy. LEO is also very loyal, but not nearly as intense, emotional, or obsessive as SCORPIO is.

Sun in Leo / Venus in Virgo

Leo emotions and exuberance are toned down and occasionally aloofness can mask sexual inhibition. Leo bossiness and Virgoan critical tendencies can cause problems, so must be consciously recognized and controlled.
There are usually good powers of communication within relationships, and aiming to use these positively will be rewarding. Shared interests and work projects are particularly stimulating.
They make a lively and rewarding friend.

To find out more about your comaptibility you would need to get a full compatibility comparison of both your charts done..

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scorpio man and scorpio woman in love?
would there be much pulling and pushing before the relationship begins?

Suggestion by Circe
oh yes. This will be all the relationship will be about unless the two of you can get your egos under control. What I mean by that is the intensity level can run so high between you two it almost creates an unrealistic illusion. You must watch out for this and stay grounded in order to see what is realistically happening at all times.

Suggestion by The Legend
if you belive in all that, then do what you want. but if you truly love this person, then you’ll ignore all and everything people and horoscopes have to say about relationships not working, and just go for it!!

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Scorpio, you bring your usual intensity to matters of the heart! Your emotional waters run deep, making for a love that endures.

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