Scorpio Man Pisces Woman

Scorpio Pisces

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st) and Pisces (February 20th – March 20th) are the different Zodiac signs with the same element – Water, so these Zodiac signs are easy to adjust the wave of the other and they always try to understand the life target of each other. They will sense in each other a similar kind of depth, which is both emotional and intuitive when they approach the relationship together.

Some interesting things about relationship between a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman

Scorpio man rarely shows his true feeling until he trusts someone. He is careful, constant and thoughtful. With these characters, he will attract a beautiful Pisces woman, who is seeking a safe shelter and protection in life. Although Pisces woman is difficult to understand, she knows how to adapt and she is able to hide and manage her feeling when necessary. With her cleverness, a Pisces woman will do her best to show him how she understands (even sometimes she totally doesn’t understand). People around them will have the enjoyable moment with how the couple can talk without words.

Loyal and Dedicated

In love, a Scorpio man does not let other people control his life, even his beloved. A Pisces woman knows this, so she does not try to drive her Scorpio man into the water. The Scorpio man will be attracted by the mystery surrounding his beloved Pisces woman. However, the Pisces woman is intelligent and clever, she knows that nothing is forever; therefore she will unveil her identity slowly and step by step.

Pisces woman is a dreamer while Scorpio man is pragmatic person. When they fall in love, Scorpio man will encourage and help his beloved to achieve her dream in many ways, which he can. Pisces woman loves Scorpio man because he can give the useful advice for her when she is difficult to make final decisions.


A Pisces woman tends to flirt. To be fair, it is not her fault because men always find attraction as well as cleverness from her. Because of jealousy from a Scorpio man, a Pisces woman can make her relationship fall in tension. As a result, as a Pisces woman, it is better to balance your feeling and your emotion.

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