Scorpio man, Pisces woman – who will leave who first?

Scorpio man, Pisces woman – who will leave who first?
Imagine a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman,
Scorpio man is not as aggressive as usually described.
Pisces is not often interested in the dream world as described.
Both love each other, started out perfectly.

Chances it will end?
If so, who would leave who first?

Stories are great :).
Haha no, It’s not a story :)
I’m the Pisces woman and I’ve been with a Scorpio for almost a year and a half. Everything started out great and is still great. I hardly ever daydream, I’m more of a realist, and he isn’t aggressive or mean as sites usually say. He wants marriage, and I do too. Our only concerns is that we are both very possessive (and are insecure about ourselves), but its mutual and we have both talked about it.
I just wanted to know how others have ended.
Wings of Light, I appreciate your concern with my grammar. Not even being sarcastic, since a lot of people on here have terrible grammar.
Although, you should try to not start a sentence with “and” ;).

Suggestion by Fyughjb Fyujh
scorp will leave, and pisces will be too busy dreaming to notice rat first

Suggestion by gemineye
Hm……. I would have to say the scorpio man would leave after brooding for a while. It would not be physically or verbally dramatic, but both signs would feel it indefinitely…. Is this for a novel? I imagine the pisces to be confused and distraught because she was initially careful with her heart (not typical of her), and invested in their relationship. He enjoyed the beginning, and thrill of the chase and courting period because he liked her — she was a lady — his ideal lady with a few underlying layers no one knows about ;)
He broods deeply and makes a conscious decision to leave the relationship because the sizzle is gone– they are not even married and it’s already like a marriage, monotone and routine. He does not want to bear the burden of withholding his true desires and attraction to other women, but on the other hand, he has found stable and logical love, which used to be satisfying. Upon realizing that he cannot change her, nor attempt to change himself, and doesn’t want to bear the shackles that is their current relationship, he decides to sever ties and spare either of them any potential damage.

He comes back for sex. That’s it.

Suggestion by Wings*of*Light
It’s whom, not who.
And I believe the Pisces will leave first — if a Scorpio is attached to someone, they stay that way. Not to say that Pisceans are fickle, but they would probably end the relationship first.

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Scorpio Woman, Pisces Man having a CANCER son – How will it work??
I’m a scorpio woman, my life-long partner is a Pisces male. We’ve been together for nearly 10 years and we get along great (especially since we’re both water signs).

I’m pregnant right now and the baby is due in the sign of CANCER (another water sign). Since we’d all three be water signs, is this destined to be a great family or are there hidden complications lurking beneath the surface?

So curious! Any answers appreciated!


Suggestion by LaLa N
As long as you nuture your family,raise your child with morals and values,be understanding and loving as a mother and soulmate. Oh yeah communication is key in ANY relationship,but with all of the above you can’t go wrong!

Suggestion by esk981
I’d imagine so. I’m a pisces and get along very well with scorpio’s (my gf is one) and cancer’s (I have several good friends that are cancers). sounds like a great match!

Suggestion by 88Angel
Great Match a match made in heaven you couldn’t ask for anything better all water signs all emotional great match of a family.

Becareful not to get to emotional as a family.

But appart from that its a great choice.

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  1. scm says

    beautiful match, lovely family. blessed =)

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  2. Bev says

    Your going to have a family that get along great.
    The reason I call you lucky is because…well my family hates eachother..
    Sad, but true.

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  3. A Pimptress Named Slickback says

    You all should get along fine. You all will have a special intuitive connection. I get along with both water signs just fine. Congrats on the baby.

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  4. LilacinWonderland says

    This is one of the strongest connections out of the whole horoscope signs, if not the strongest. Both signs are possesive, but neither like to be possessed. Just maintain an honest relationship and you’ll end up happy, with nobody leaving each other :)

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