Scorpio man Gemini woman?

Scorpio man Gemini woman?
I’m a Gemini woman and I have a crush on a Scorpio man. Based on out signs, what would our relationship be like?

Suggestion by Jared
It would be helpful to have some insight on both of your natal charts, but given the information of only your sun signs, I am going to say that you two are very different people and would have a hard time connecting emotionally. But maybe your natal chart influences will indicate more harmony in your relationship.

Suggestion by Kae
Just trust me, it will be great for a while, but it wont end well. Just run before he gets suffocating.

-Gemini with a Scorpio ex

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Would a Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman Relationship work out?
-Mental compatibility? (highs,lows)
-Sexual compatibility? (highs,lows)
-What would make the Gemini stay with the Scorpio?
-What would make the Scorpio stay with the Gemini?
-What would make the Gemini leave the Scorpio?
-What would make the Scorpio leave the Gemini?
-Overall compatibility?
That’s what i ment by mental compatability,everything that isn’t physical.

Suggestion by Been There
Mental compatibility:
– what aspects do planets in his chart make to her Mercury?
– what aspects do planets in her chart make to his Mercury?
– what sign and aspects are involved with his Mercury in his own chart?
– what sign and aspects are involved with her Mercury in her own chart?

Sexual compatibilty:
… same as above, but look at Mars instead of Mercury

Stay with each other?
… one of them has their Ascendant or Descendant within 8 degrees of the other person’s Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars

… too many squares and oppositions between one person’s Mars or Saturn or Uranus or Neptune or Pluto … and the other person’s Sun or Moon or Mercury or Venus or Mars.
(the square occurs when two planets are between 82 and 98 degrees apart, and the opposition occurs when two planets are between 172 and 188 degrees apart).

Overall compatibility:
– an evaluation of the overall effect of all the aspects made between 10 planets and 4 angles in one person’s chart, and 10 planets and 4 angles in the other person’s chart.

Certainly, however, astrologers never try to determine compatibility on the basis of only the Sun sign.

How odd, though, that you didn’t wonder about emotional compatibility (Moon) or affection/love (Venus).

Suggestion by Lioness
well I know a relationship with a scorpio woman and gemini man. Even though they fight a lot and don’t really have anything in common, I still find this couple compatibile for only one reason andthat is because they are both jewish. Quite honestly the relation of a scorpio man and gemini woman will npt last unless they havee religion in between them.

Suggestion by barbara
for sex yes for relationship no

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Gemini man and Scorpio woman, getting back to the way we used to be?
I am Gemini man and she is a Scorpio woman, the initial attractive between us was explosive, we couldn’t keep our hands and lips off of each other. Now our true personalities are coming out and things are different. We still have the upmost attractions for each other, I just need to know is there anyway we can get back to the way we used to be?

Suggestion by Kathleen Germany
What ever you do dont judge people on there star sign … will cause you to make some of the biggest mistakes of your life …….its all utter rubbish

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  1. Bhagat Ram Handa says

    No. The relationship in all respects what been enquired not competent, reason being,From Gemini Scorpio lies in 6th house that defines as enemity, other hand from ,Scorpio it lies 8th house again against Moreover the lord of geminiis mercury a dual oersonality,flickery, silent towards sex compared to scorpio whereas mars lord of scorpio is martial, Quick decisioner

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  2. Misconception says

    -Sex and mystery
    -Sex and hoping he/she understand them
    -Some clingy(Female), some goes cold heart and the Gemini might take it as a leaving proposal, while the Scorpio is just testing or confuse.
    -If the Scorpio find out the Gemini is lieing it’s not good, all trust is lost. Gemini are outgoing Scorpio are not(Unless they take each other out while still have time to themselve)
    – Good if you guy understand each other.

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  3. HuuPoo HFA says

    My sister gemini married a scorpio/sag cusp. The guy is very playful, and you know geminis like to probe peoples minds.

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