Scorpio man & cancer woman!!!?

Scorpio man & cancer woman!!!?
Your Open Question: Scorpio man & cancer woman?

We talked for about 7 months before we got together he said he love me and I love him truly. We have been together now for 1 year & 8 months. We always talked on the phone and stayed up all night. We texted every day. We are crazy about each other. But throughout the 7 months we argued like crazy he made me cry multiple times. I told him everytime he made me cry he was just pushing me away. He said he was sorry. And he doesn’t want to make me cry. It seem like I’m always doing something wrong. He called me a lier multiple times and told me he can’t trust me. We did things to hurt each other but we know we can make it work. Yesterday we got into an argument and he said he’s not listening to me anymore and he was ready to go to sleep. I went to sleep instead of calling his phone multiple times. I didn’t text him or call him all today because I know I need to give him space. We been through so much. Miss carriage & pregnacies, arguments and almost break ups, lost of trust. A couple years ago we went to prom. And i was talking to his parents about prom. They said they wasnt going to let him go because of his grades but they let him go because of me. They really like me & love me! I told them that people asked me to prom but I said no I have a boyfriend & I’m going with him. But then I said I was going to ask this boy I grew up with. He took it so offensively and he said since I have back ups he is going to have back ups. I said either way I still went with you & your my boyfriebd. He is so angry. He said he is getting use to being mad at me.He said he should have been left me he said he didn’t because he loves me. I just want to show him that I love him & care about him a lot. And I’m sorry for everything I ever done. I just want to be back on his good side. I’m already giving him space. What can I do to let him know how I feel? But I don’t want to push him away and get on his nerves. Please help!!!!!!!!

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Please, please don’t procreate.

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Compatibility is determined in astrology by synastry, the way ALL the placements in one natal chart interacts with the placements in another’s chart. So, you need to compare the time, place, and date of birth of you and the other person to really see what’s going on between them. It important to compare the degrees between the signs and planets of each chart also. Sun signs are notoriously unreliable for compatibility analysis, so you really do need to look at the aspects to tell.

If you want to create a Western chart, you can go to put in both birth dates. It will give you a compatibility analysis which is much more accurate and exact than anything sun sign based.

Very generally, good synastry includes a good connection (a trine or sextile) between on partner’s Mars and the other’s Venus, or compatibility between the partners’s Sun and Moon.

For Sun signs, very very generally, picking someone with a Sun sign within your own element seems to work pretty good. Just remember that anyone can be a good partner.

Also, remember that you can just trust your feelings, and the astrology will naturally reflect what there between you. It’s not a matter of “hey, I’ve got to pick the person with the right stars..”, it’s a matter of “hey, the stars will pair up to reflect how we get along together”.

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scorpio man hurting cancer woman!!?help!!??
Cancer woman, scorpio man issues???????
i was dating a scorpio man until we had a massive fight where he got more hurt than me, i left him and within a few weeks all his friends started tellin me that he misses me etc, so i called my scorpio to talk and he told me that he dusnt love me n told me to bugger off……

why did he do this.. (btw i drunk dialled him at 4 am n woke him up, maybe thats y lol..maybe he didnt like da fact that im drunk n not sincere)

i later called his frends n asked them y they lied to me bout him missing me n they said that they didnt, its not their fault that he dusnt wanna tell me his feelings//

Suggestion by ♥C.™
4 am, who would want to talk about their feelings during 4 am?!

Well, lets get to the point, you’re a Cancer. Emotional, sensitive and loves family. Right? Okay, you and Scorpio are both water signs, and make a great match. But Scorpios are as sometimes detached about their feelings like Sagittarius. While sometimes as mysterious as an Aquarius. That’s what makes them attractive I guess…

His friends aren’t lying to you, your Scorpio bf may have told them to tell. Trust me, Scorpios do that. And if you didn’t call him at 4 am, he might’ve shared his feelings with you and you guys might’ve gotten back together. Also, telling his feelings to you while you’re drunk, may not be the best choice either. So, all I’m saying is, try again(at a time that’s he’s not sleeping and you’re not drunk) and tell him that you still have feelings for him, and see how he reacts. If he’s still hurting you, then it’s his problem. Go find another guy, come on, you’re worth more than that …

Scorpios are weird, but makes them addictive as they are mysterious. They are actually really sensitive too and emotional. They have quite a temper and when they love someone, they really do, but when they hate someone, they want revenge and it’s scary when they do that.

So try again carefully and choose your words carefully, remember, a Scorpio is as sensitive and emotional as you are, they are water signs too. :]

Best Wishes From an Aquarius.

Suggestion by wahida
jus talk to him, properly, not at 4 in the morning . . .

he does have feelings for you, he just doesnt want to keep telling you, when you ask him directly, he prefers saying it when the time feels just right . . .

when we are hurt, we are reaaaaly hurt . . . and being hurt by our loved ones make us break, we will remember every little comment for many years, its the fact that you hurt us, and we are sensitive people . . . we are just as soft as others . . . scorpios don’t like arguing, hurting other people or being hurt, the only time they get angry and say bad things, is because its their defence mechanism, they are trying to show you they are tough, when maybe their skin isn’t as thick, he just wants some understanding . . .

just talk to him, and let him talk aswell, listen to what he has got to say . . .

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