Q&A: Who is the scorpio most compatible with?

Who is the scorpio most compatible with?
I was wondering who is the Scorpio most compatible with. I would appreciate any knowledgeable answers. Thank you.

Suggestion by bubblepower27
Scorpios are most compatible with Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra.

Suggestion by Bistro 99
In response to your question, here are the most compatible signs for the Scorpio person.

Cancer – The sun sign Cancer would be most compatible with a Scorpio. The Cancer crab is a completely loyal mate who is highly attracted to the Scorpio’s strong and demanding personality. This relationship is smooth and beautiful and probably the best compatibility for the Scorpio.

Pisces – Scorpio’s jealous trait does not bother the Piscean. Surprisingly, it makes the Piscean feel wanted. In fact the Piscean enjoys depending on the Scorpio mate for decision making, something the Piscean is not really good at. This is a very mutually satisfying relationship. Both mates are intense and loyal. While the Piscean is very inventive, the Scorpio is highly sincere and persevering. This too can be a good relationship

Virgo – Virgo and Scorpio are mutual admirers of each other. The Virgo sign is highly intrigued with the Scorpio ways. Scorpio’s can easily cheer up a Virgo who has many moments of sadness or being down in the dumps. As long as Virgo takes care not to hurt the Scorpio ego and pride, this combination can also make a wonderful union.

These are the best compatibility signs for a Scorpio. I hope this answered your question.

Suggestion by milly_1963
SCORPIO is compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. (Best match is Capricorn)

Best Match For Scorpio
Is Capricorn these two can not only understand one another extremely well, but can actually match sensitivities and emotions, almost (if not actually) on a psychic level. A very long lasting relationship, these two seldom ever break up.

Worst Match For Scorpio is Aries
The somewhat possessive Scorpio will never go for the love them and leave them attitude that Aries sometimes seems to exhibit. It’s not that Aries are immoral, it is just that they give this impression too often to get along for great periods with the Scorpio. Also, the “depth” of Scorpio is somewhat foreign to Aries.

Love & Blessings

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Why is the Scorpio woman perfect for the Virgo man?
I hear this frequently. That a Scorpio woman is every Virgo man’s secret fantasy. But why are they so perfect for each other? And where does the attraction come form? This is the most passionate combination in the zodiac.

Suggestion by Astro Boy
Because Virgo’s are perfectionists and Scorpio’s are extremely particular about whom they mate or date.

They are both perfect for each…just not for me…I can’t stand both of them.

Suggestion by Laney
Its not good for long term. Scorpio woman needs someone inexperienced, young and trustworthy, which is Virgo. Where the compatibility comes from, is Scorpio is less insecure sexually when they are with Virgo, who they love to show all about sex. Thats the high of the relationship, one is the teacher, scorpio, one is trustworthy, Virgo. As a long term partnership, Virgo usually gets hurt by Scorpios promiscous ways. They are complete opposites. Usually highly strung and dramatic scorpio is too much for Virgo, who does well with more stable zodiac signs for long term partnership….but like I said, Virgo is inexperiences where Scorpio is very experienced. One is the teacher and one is the student, but its usually short term with lots of emotions being played with. If you come across an insane Virgo with alcohol and drug problems, its usually because they dated an insane Scorpio who toyed with them relentlessly before you met them. lol

Suggestion by Daisy
no taurus woman is much better

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  1. Jack of All Trades Lol xD says

    master and servant

    even though i found out to be the master one once the relationship was takin over, like in the very moment yeah scorpios like to argue they are the maters ones and like servants but at the very momento we virgos become the master ones and u scorpios the servants, so its even, even though u dont even realize . . And it feels good :)

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  2. chat noir says

    it depends on the charts but me pisces believing scorpios are like the other piece of puzzles that i been missing. :p

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  3. IoniZer says

    We are most compatible among our own element, Pisces or Cancer.

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