Q&A: Scorpio man, Leo woman – Insight Please!?

Scorpio man, Leo woman – Insight Please!?
I’m a Leo woman and I’ve fallen for a Scorpio man who made a beeline for me when he first laid eyes on me… We’ve only seen each other a handful of times, but we text chat often, almost never talk on phone, except lately he’s distant.

Here’s our short history:
When we met I wasn’t into him @ all I was just coming out of a long relationship and he’s married but theyre in an open relationship (his wife is cool on everything it’s a “polyamorous” – many loves – relationship). Every time we’d try to see each other something would happen on either side as we are both very busy, but mainly bc I’d suggest we plan on meeting up at some time, he’d say “ok” then blow me off and then he’d contact me out of nowhere to meet up when I’m right in the middle of something and can’t.

So about six weeks after we met (right as I was falling for him) he said he was moving and since then we’ve texted often and I’ve fallen for him more and thus have opened up to him moreso, but he NEVER tells me anything about him and when I try to ask about deeper things he ignores me. I’m inquisitive by nature; I’m not trying to glean him of information I innocently wish to know things bc I just like to be “in the know”. So I’ve stopped asking him anything for the most part…

Overall, I only want to get to know him; he’s amazing in every way and a great confidante; I don’t want anything in particular from him, only to get to know him and be close to him. We’ve never been physically intimate. Sometimes if he’s ignored me for a while and I text him just to let him know that I’m thinking of him out of the blue he’ll ask for naked pics or something. He claims he’s totally different from other guys I’ve met that I’ve vented my frustration to him about who are only out for one thing; He’s aware I’m just getting out of a long, bad relationship and knows that I’m on high alert for all the “signs” but a big part of me trusts his motives bc I know Scoprios want sex, but pressumably sex WITH something… as in an intense emotional connection (which for him apparently came right away). I am happy to oblidge him once I feel that emotional connection w/ him FIRST… I just don’t want to be hurt after the fact and it’s difficult bc he won’t open up. On the other hand I want to hold his interest….So a small part of me suspects he is trying to manipulate me just to get that one sole thing – sex. I hate to sound jaded from my past but I feel so guarded that every time I open up to him and take a step forward I wish I hadn’t bc he doesn’t seem completely receptive and I hate that feeling. I want so much to be uninhibited w/ him bc when I see him again, which will be soon, and god knows sparks will fly… I just want to know what it seems his motives are. You know about as much of him as I do at this point).

Side note: When he came back after moving to tie up some loose ends for a couple days he didn’t see me although he kept saying he would. At the end he said he had so much to do and genuinely regrets he couldnt see me before leaving for good, which I understand bc moving is a big deal and hectic – tons to do, blah blah blah, but he couldnt even meet me just to give me a farewell peck on the cheek for two seconds??? Maybe my expectations are too high. Also, he’s asked me to visit he and his family where they moved so I can hang out and relax for some time and he’s expressed how happy it’d make him to bring me happiness and show me all the things he loves and he hasn’t said “I love you” but calls me “love”. He’s asked me to be in a threesome w/ his wife and I politely declined and he told me I’d do for him whatever he wants bc I’ve admitted I’ve “fallen” for him, which – on text mind you – doesn’t sound good I immediately thought he’d use my affection for him to get out of me what he wants, so I snapped (in a very minor way) and he’s been very distant since and basically puts me off until very specific times in the day.

Any thoughts from the community?

PS – Please let the comments be thoughtful and informative, preferably from Scorpio males or those w/ close experience with them)

For the record he’s sort of my “side guy” too as far as “he’s married” is concerned. I’d still date others as they come along I don’t feel I need to be exclusive to him. I really just want to know if it seems he’s out for that one thing only bc I can tell he genuinely feels he can be in love w/ more than one person at a time, whether it’s me or not is one thing, but I just wish I could know if this seems real to him or just a conquest to move on from after he’s gotten a “taste”.
Thanks again for feedback!
I’m 3rd born and I’m huge on compromise, but I am strong-willed; I will bend where I see the logic to do so.

Suggestion by Fireball
rough match….it takes maturity to be mismatched…THESE TWO SIGNS ARE STRONG and both want to run things…can someone give in when there is conflcit?? is someone 2nd or 3rdborn which gives them more leeway to do so..

Suggestion by shanoo mathur
Dear One.
Both of you have an incredibly powerful will — and you will both need to feel respected by your partner if you’re going to make a go of this one. You’re both a tad inflexible, to say the least, and Scorpio’s iciness could take a long time to thaw under your sunny Leo rays. If you’re patient enough, though, they will come around and show you their softer and more sensitive side. Scorpio is sensual, emotional and intense. This type of energy will definitely draw you into a powerful emotional relationship. Both Leo and Scorpio are extremely romantic —they tend to mate for life.
When we look for a combination of Leo and Scorpio, we needn’t go any further than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton is the epitome of strong leadership, which is what Leo is all about. Hillary is just as proud, confident and determined as him. There’s no doubt that Hillary’s support has had a huge impact on Bill Clinton’s political life. Theirs has been an incredibly strong bond, surviving many scandals and challenges. Scorpio has a fascination with death and the afterlife. If these sorts of topics unnerve you, ask Scorpio to back off for while. You have tremendous respect for Scorpio’s mind; also, you’ll want to prove your own worth in this area. Go for it! If you show Scorpio you’re up to the task of philosophical investigation, they will be even more intrigued and enchanted by you.For more info you can write to me shanoomathur@yahoo.co.in

Suggestion by Angie
I’m a Scorpio female and I’ve dated two Scorpio males (actually three but I didn’t really have feelings for the 3rd one). From my experience with them, I’ve known then to be extremely “there” in the beginning. Very “attentive” and very “willing to listen to you” – this is all in the beginning but as time begins to pass they become distant and the hard part is that you can’t really tell if they strong feelings for you or not. We scorpios are so HOT and the COLD and you Leo’s always seem to keep WARM. And because I”m a Scorpio female, I tend to become distant when I’m not sure of my feelings or if I feel my partner is holding something from me. Scorpio men on the other hand seem to become distant, not because they don’t like you, but I think its just something natural that they do in order until they feel they can trust you 100%. But one thing I must stress is that Scorpio men are NOT good at sharing LOVE. If he loves one woman more than another than she will eventually get all of his attention, other women will just get bits and pieces. Because I’m a Scorpio as well these relationships never work because I’ll become distant and if I don’t see that he’s coming around, I’ll eventually just give up, even if I do have feelings him. Because believe me if a man wants you, hell do whatever in his power to get u.

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I need advice – Scorpio Man Leo Woman?
I am a Leo Woman (8/19) dating a Scorpio Man (10/25). We have been dating for about 8 months. We are both successful professionals in our early to mid 30’s. Until recently, things were going well for us considering that we were in a long distance relationship. When we met, I was in the process of being promoted to a position that was taking me out of state (1200 miles away). We played on the same sports team (my coach introduced us) and I had just stopped dating a guy who was not really a good person so I wasnt really looking to meet someone when he came along.

When we met, I (of course) took a liking to him pretty quickly and didnt mind spending my free time with him doing whatever came to our minds. He has always been the perfect gentleman…opening doors, paying for dinner each time we go out and being a great listener.

From the beginning, I didn’t hide anything about myself from him. We spent a ton of time talking, laughing and just spending a TON of time before I left. I felt like we were very fortunate because I had about a month before I left to do all kinds of things with him, no matter the time of day. I took it upon myself (because I am a very affectionate girlfriend) to bring him lunch, help him out around his house doing various chores together, etc. He would be so happy to come home and find things cleaned up and organized (he is kinda messy). I thought we balanced each other well and I didnt mind putting in the effort and hard work to make us work. From the beginning we both talked about marriage and how we would eventually move back to the same place to be together.

Since we have been long distance, we have traveled back and forth. He has only been out to see me once, (which didnt bother me for a long time) because I wanted to travel back to where he lived because its close to my family and we have a ton of friends there.

Over time, he became super possesive, which was a challenge and we had disagreements about it, but over time we worked through it. I had no interest in other guys anyway so with a few adjustments I felt like we were in a good place.

Fast forward, about 2 trips a month back and forth…talking EVERY NIGHT on Skype for hours and spending every moment we can together (I flew back for his birthday and did all kinds of special things), I didnt have peace about several “women” he indicated were “just friends”. As a younger woman, I was more jealous but over the years I have learned that trust is key and you have to just trust the person you are with.

Well…after we got in a really big fight (which I felt was over nothing and he pushed me down and bruised my face and neck), I have struggled with forgiving him and moving past a lot of things. Even with the those challenges, I was honest about how emotionally hurt I was, but if he was willing to work through his emotional issues, I was willing to stay with him.

Well..he left his phone in the car and I decided to one and for all, put to rest a lot of things that had been swimming around in my mind. I found several text messages to 4 different women. So I texted them from his phone to be sure I didnt jump to conclusions. One replied back stating that she believed “if things didnt work out with me (and she mentioned me by name) that he said they woudl get back together.”

I was beyond hurt. When he came back, I showed him what I had done and their respones. He just said “I am a retard and dont know why I did that”. This just happened about 4 days ago. I was in town for work so I had to leave a few days later. I wont lie, I was in a very dark mood, crying off an on and just physically a mess (at least to me).

Once I got back home, I couldnt sleep and just sent him an email saying I needed some space to heal so I wouldnt resent him and that I hoped we could reconcile things down the road. Of course, he was upset and since then has been giving me the cold shoulder, calling me crazy, etc. We have communicated since that email, but its not the same.

I know he loves me, and I told him I forgave him…but emotionally I am just struggling to rebound from this…in part becuase I don’t know if I have ever been this open and exposed to a man. I read a lot about what people say about Leo’s and I have been very loving, working toward compromise and giving from the beginning. I would love to hear from Scorpios and anyone who is happily married to a Scorpio how (or if) you have taken your loved one through anything like this and emerged on the other side with your relationship in tact and still in love with each other.

Suggestion by Jasmine
Good Luck! 2 strong minded people. Sorry I have no advice for you on that. I see those signs and run because i am a strong sign too

Suggestion by Vic
This may help you

Leo July 21 – August 20
Most compatible with….: Sagittarius, Aries
Can be good with……….: Virgo, Libra, Gemini, Cancer
A 50-50 chance with……: Capricorn, Pisces, Leo
Doubtful with……………..: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus

Suggestion by Coração♌♏
I am a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man, about 9 months… It seems as though you had a very good relationship, and that he loved you.. but I’m using the past tense because… that physical abuse part really scares me. No one who loves someone else would do that. You should get out now. I know that is not what you want to hear, because you love him, but it can only get worse… what if you are pregnant with his child and he pushes you down? Punches you? Did he show any remorse for what he did?

And if he never pushed you down… I would say that your dark moods are something you put on yourself. Your perception. You’re doing. Your emotions push him away. I know, because I did that. Now I don’t… You are only struggling because you are making yourself struggle. It seems to be a great relationship besides the pushing. And that… is unforgivable.

And what about your plans to be together again and get married? Where are they? Figure out those plans. Set a date. Ask him to move for you, or you move for him. YOu need to be together… but if you want my honest opinion…. I would leave him, because he already physcially abused you.

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