Q&A: Does this Scorpio man love me?

Does this Scorpio man love me?
Does this Scorpio man love me?

I met a Scorpio online almost two years ago. We clicked and began talking on the phone 8 to 10 hours a week, always commenting on how many values that we had in common. Our politics, religious beliefs and even child-rearing ideals are nearly identical. It took two months before we ever discussed sex, but we are both on the same page there, as well. I am a Virgo woman and can be shy at times, but I never play head games and am always honest and thoughtful.

Over several months of talking, we agreed that at some point we should meet. Being two busy people, it took another year before we finally met. He was a total gentleman and never stopped smiling while I was around. The sex was passionate and explosive, lasting for hours. We couldn’t get enough of each other. About a week after our meeting I asked him how he felt about me and he said that he had a lot of love in his heart for me, but that he didn’t throw around the “L” word lightly.
Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed, but not completely discouraged. He began to not call as often, but it may have been due to some issues with a grown son and a job change.

I wanted to test his loyalty and interest, so I didn’t call him for almost four weeks. After two weeks he sent me an email asking how I was. After three weeks he began texting and sending frequent emails, and within 48 hours began calling off and on until I finally answered. We were on the phone nearly two hours and once again he was as sweet and adoring as ever before. Since that time we have been on the phone every other day for at least an hour. He is sending several texts throughout the day as well. When asked about a future together, he will only respond by saying that he likes me very, very, very much.

Should I continue to invest so much time into this relationship if I’m not sure where it is going?

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i don’t think so because boys don’t like astrology and horoscopes.

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Can a scorpio man love two women?
Hi, I’m in love with a gorgeous scorpio man and when we first met (about 10 years ago) he used to be crazy about me, but then I was attached and since I started liking him, he’s been attached.

We stayed friends through all this time, and he knows how I feel, but recently he’s started doing kind things for me, looking out for me and has come round to my place a few times. He held my hand yesterday and told me how much he likes me, but that he is ‘a man in two worlds’ whatever that means…he is still seeing his girlfriend with whom he has a long distance relationship.

I don’t know if this change in behaviour means he wants to finish it with her and be with me, or if he just wants us both which of course I won’t settle for…we’ll just stay friends if he still wants her too.

I’m just curious as to what he is talking about really. By the way, he is 9 years older than me, the girlfriend is 20 yrs older than he is and they’ve been dating about 4 years.

He also said he only sees her every other weekend and ‘it isn’t enough’. Again, I don’t know if he is just mad at her so using me to get back, or if he wants things to change.

Any insight much appreciated – I promise I won’t get involved if he isn’t leaving her. I’ve had enough of men like that!

Thankyou for reading : )

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