Q&A: Can a Scorpio Man Love?

Can a Scorpio Man Love?
Can a scorpio man love someone, but be in love with someone else??

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I don’t believe in the horoscope, or whatever you call it.

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We scorpios have very mixed feelings. But scorpios are very devoted and passionate people. I am a scorpio and prefer to love only one person.

God bless :)

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then he’s not in love, he’s an emotional mess.

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how do you know if a scorpio man loves you? how is he going to act? can he fell in love so quick?
I met a scorpio man who came to me when he first saw me in the park and we started talking, he sent me sms another day… he use to send me many.. but they were not containing love words.. just cute things like you were in my mind. I can say that he was acting strange in the first days we met. as he knows me from along time. well I wasn’t feeling the same feeling to him, but I liked him. later on I loved him. once I gave him a gift with a card and I saw tears in his eyes but he was trying not to show that.. while he was keeping smiling to me. every time we go in argument he comes and forgive me. and sometimes even when I am wrong he comes and say sorry. later on he send to me poems and strange words. I think he really loves me. but he never said it so clear, just words passing but you have to read their shadows to understand. oneday he disappeared and then he showed again after months and he started texting me.. and I was ignoring … because I was so hurt from the way he disapeared from my life. I wonder what is he up to. I can’t understand him so clear. is it possible for a scorpio man to fall in love at the first sight?

why he disappear and then start talkign to you?

can tears in his eyes say that he loves me?

anyway I am scorpio too. can that say anything about two scorpios ..?

does there mysterious love between them?

how do you know if he loves you or not if he is really kind of man who feel shy and afraid to say ” I love you ”?

can he cheat if he is in love?

can he loves over 1 woman?

anyway he didn’t tell me anything in my birthday, he just came up in chatroom in my birthday.. but he was silent…, I guess he was acting like that because he got tired from my ignoring. but tell me do you think he came to say soemthing but he was afraid to?

anyway i was trying to be nice so I texted him in his birthday but he didn’t replay.

what does it mean?


anyway thanks and I hope to read more about scorpio stories

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Astrology is a buncha BS…i wish ppl realize this

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something will come up.

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  1. Love says

    When a Scorpio loves and cares for someone he knows it! And he’ll make sure to let you know as well. They don’t hide their feelings and love being in love. I dated a Scorpio for about three months and they are real passionate people. The only thing was that he was a little immature for me so I moved on quickly. But other than that they make great lovers!

    If he’s in love with someone else, then just give him time. After a while he will get over it. Just give him time..

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