October Scorpios vs. November Scorpios? How are they different?

October Scorpios vs. November Scorpios? How are they different?
My boyfriend is an October Scorpio. What are some of his good qualities? His bad ones?
How should I handle an October Scorpio? To turn him on?

How are they different from November Scorpios?

Suggestion by Mark
One is born in October and one is born in November.

Suggestion by Talia
October scorpios are REALLY close to november ones, so theres really not much of a difference. We are very loyal, have AMAZING memory, sex-driven ;p, magnetic, jealousy runs deep, and we want only THE BEST or we dont want it AT ALL.. now YOU decide which are the bad and which are the good ;)

Suggestion by Mari
They are very similar. But October Scorpios give in quickly whereas November Scorpios are way more stubborn and dominating. November Scorpio males run the show. Thats it there is no in between. They call the shots. They have to be the dominate male. October Scorpios are more outgoing, talkative, and are more changeable. Its easy to turn on a Scorpio male both October or November, as long as its in the bedroom and it involves being naughty.

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november scorpio

Falling in love with Libra male, what is your experience?
I am quickly falling in love with this guy… he is a September Libra.
I am an November Scorpio.

Our moons are conjunct, both Cancer.
His Venus is Scorpio, mine is in Sagittarius.

What is your experience with dating/marrying being in love with a Libra man?

Suggestion by Hey Yall
A libra man chased after me…

He creep me out..

I don’t know anything about a Libra,
he was nice…
but I feel we aren’t compatible…
cause I’m Capricorn..

I felt he was like Pepe LePew…

No no, I won’t give him a chance.

Suggestion by Scarletta Babi
Well who doesn’t fall in one Libra in their lifetime? They are such charmers…

I like them and don’t like them at the same time. They can be very feminine, irresponsible, and can’t deal with confrontation very well but on the other hand they can be so charming, romantic, and intellectual too. Libra and Scorpio could work as you both want to be loved and are both loving people… but sometimes I think Librans are just in love with the idea of being in love… Scorpians are way more passionate and know what they want (Be very prepared for his indecisiveness). You could become a bit smothering at times and the Libran needs freedom and space. As I mentioned before… Librans (especially the men) can’t deal with certain situations very well and will try and make everyone happy even if that means lying. You may sometimes feel unsatisfied in the relationship as the Libran is loving… but in a really cold way (Not sure if that makes sense) Scorpios are passionately and very emotionally loving. Give him the space he needs and try not to be too sensitive towards his coldness… they are all like that and he will find otherways to show he loves you :D Also try and show some interest in his interests even if they bore you to death Good luck!!!

Suggestion by lady dee
libra men are very bad.
they charm you with there sweet ways like a spider seducing a fly and the they kill your heart and everything you thought he would be he isnt.
so stay away from libra men. saggs are good men.

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