Is a Scorpio born on the 21st November a real Scorpio?

Is a Scorpio born on the 21st November a real Scorpio?
I do not mean to sound like a doofus. I know a Scorpio is a Scorpio. But a Scorpio born near the cusp with Sagittarius, will she be more Scorpio or more Sagittarius? Please do not tell me it all depends on the planets and all that, I know all those play a very important role. I was born 31st October and I consider myself a true Scorpio (jealous, possessive, passionate, etc) Will a Scorpio born on 21st November possess more Scorpio attributes than Sagittarius ones? Thanks for your time.

Suggestion by Littlemissbad
Well, i read a book about that and I was born on March 21, the cusp between Pisces and Aries. well for me, I have both as well, but i think i am more of a pisces, so i think that if you believ that you’re a Scorpio, then i do to. if you have more of those characteristics, then you are a Scorpio! Good luck finding yourself and i hope this helped!

Suggestion by Robert84
The Sun normally moves into Saggie on 22nd November so the 21st November person will still have Sun in Scorpio. In most cases they will be a true Scorpio because people on the cusp tend to gravitate to one Sign or the other and Scorpio will still be the most dominant. I know someone born on 23rd November which is near Scorpio too and she behaves true to a Sagittarius and is not really like Scorpio at all so I would think that the 21 November person would be like Scorpio.

Suggestion by me
i was born on the 30th of october, and i have major scorpio traits. lol
but i dont it has to do with being born in october or november, its just what others signs you have, such as rising, moon, venus, ect. icon smile Is a Scorpio born on the 21st November a real Scorpio?

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What is the difference between October Scorpio and November Scorpio?
If you think there are differences, What are they?

Suggestion by stonehudson2002
October Scorpios are First Tier, usually the fist tier of any sun sign comes within the first 7 degrees of the sun being in a sign when it starts. There are 28 or 29 degrees to each period in a sun sign. Usually the 27 to 29 degree of any sun sign is the Cusp. First Tier Sun Signs are the most direct representative of their respective sign.

Suggestion by Sheer the AZZ.
I hear the first tier are always “more worst” than the later ones. Like the taureans born in the first week of taurus are more stubborn than the rest, I guess the scorpios born in the first week of scorpio are more spiteful and grundging. Veryyyyyyy secretive from personal experience, the ones after october seem to be a little more outgoing and social for the most part.

Suggestion by what am i?
In my own personal opinion, I think the october breed is more narrow minded. dont like em.

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2 Responses to Is a Scorpio born on the 21st November a real Scorpio?

  1. ''VISION THE POET'&# October 16, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    october scorpios are like oct/nov decanate and more like octoberians which apparently u are
    and November mid nov scorpios are the decanates scorpio/pisces decanate that kind of mixture the third kind are scorpios /cancer decanate == moody /luny kind which u r not hopefully

  2. thinNtall October 16, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    Hi Pretty!!!

    Since you are a Scorpio I am going to say that whatever month you were born is the best type of Scorpio ;-)

    hahaha—-IDK so I will just watch the answers

    The first tier thing is pretty interesting—-hmmm.

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