How to know a scorpio true feeling about you?

How to know a scorpio true feeling about you?
Its so hard with her. She never talks about our relationship or anything. I really want to know how she feels about me. Because Im in love with her. But sometimes I just dont know…..

Any signs that a scorpio in love with you???

How to know how she feels?

Suggestion by Caris-x
I’m a scorpio female and I find that myself and other scorpios are very jealous people especially if it’s over someone we like. If he shows any jealousy signs when you talk innocently about another girl see how she reacts.
Scorpio women are usually posessive over loved ones.

Suggestion by ā™ŒThat Leo Attitudeā™„
……..You are obsessed with this girl………..

Suggestion by Kevin
1. Ask your scorpio to do a favour for you, If she willing to do it. That means she loves you. AND we never expect anything in return.

2. Get close to other girls in front of her. If she suddenly give you “silent treatment” there you get the answer.

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How to make a guy with sun in sagittarius, moon in aquarius and venus in scorpio fall in love?
How to make a guy with sun in sagittarius, moon in aquarius and venus in scorpio fall in love? Any ideas?

Suggestion by angelfly
moon in aquarius is tough on feelings. it is very detached.
scorpio venus is so picky, yet gets many many women. there is no way you can make a scorpio venus fall in love. he has to open his heart to do it on the first place

The guy you want might be a freedom lover. Sag and Aqua together? Well, that says a lot. But you can try looking cute and all. Scorpio venus loves beautiful women.

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Scorpio guys: how to make you feel needed by a woman, without her being needy?
I understand that men especially scorpio men love to feel that they are needed in a relationship, that their woman won’t be able to go on without them. But I have a problem comprehending how exactly make them feel that way without coming off as needy and high maintenance.
What are your thoughts?

Suggestion by Damien
I too need to feel needed although my sun signs not Scorpio. I don’t like needy women, I just like to hear once in a while, that I’m loved & need to be around to please & or pleasure my partner. Heres a quote from a previous question i answered, very similar to this one :p “I would need to feel needed in the relationship, doesn’t mean I like a needy girl, I just need to know I’m wanted. I do like displays of affection and emotion.”

Suggestion by elham m
You could let him know the one special person who could calm, make happy and please you is he and no one could do that as special manner as he do;

In this way he will know that you are not needy specially in financial, power fields but neddy for his specific manner of kissing, care, loving;

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3 Responses to How to know a scorpio true feeling about you?

  1. missvictoria November 23, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    I’m a Scorpio woman and if someone I liked stared at other girls, talked about them excessively, sweet talked other girls, and complimented other girls I get pissed off. It gives us a sense that you’re not loyal enough or trustworthy. We like men who only focus on us and treat us with the most respect.

  2. Deshironi Te November 23, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Lol. We do get jealous REALLY jealous when our “lover” sweet talks other people, depending on gender. ALSO people forgot to mention that when we are certain that a person is purposely pissing us off we’ll turn off our emotions and become cold as hell. We don’t like people playing mind games with us, and we’re fully equip to recognize what’s going on, EXACTLY what’s going on! Tudalu~

  3. Anna November 23, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    well I’m Scorpio and I never like talking about my relationships but if the guy I like talks to other girls I get very mad so tell some girl to call you when your around her and see how she acts

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