How to attract/know if a Scorpio man likes you as a scorpio woman….?

How to attract/know if a Scorpio man likes you as a scorpio woman….?
I’m a Scorpio woman who has my eye on a Scorpio male. I’m born in the first decan, he is born in the second decan. I feel like I know Scorpio traits very well, but this Scorpio guy has me intrigued…what signs tell you a Scorpio male might be into you? As a Scorpio female, how can I attract him? I realize this is something that happens or doesn’t happen, but any times would be lovely.

Thank you

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Someone has to talk first lol

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Jealousy, possessiveness

Suggestion by SG
Scorpio men tend to secretly stalk the female. you’ll catch them going out of there way to get a glimpse of the person. I like to call it “research” since stalking sound so creepy. Depending on their confidence, they may try talking and flirting with the person, or the may just gaze from afar until they find a good excuse to start a conversation and get their leg in the door. It’ honestly depends on the girl, Scorpios will try to adapt to the situation to get what they want. He’ll most likely pay you lots of attention.

If you think one is into you, you can tell by the way they smile at you. They’ll smile with their eyes as if their trying to look into your very being to read your thoughts. They’ll pay the person lots of attention and frequently try to make that person happy.

If you wanna make a move just flirt with him, pick at him, play with him, Scorpio love it. I do at least, I LOVE when somebody gives me attention or makes me feel like they’re thinking about me.

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I just wanna know some signs to tell is he is in love and there traits .I also wanna know if a scorpio woman is good with a taurus man .. Ty
what do you mean new accounts?? lol Im just looking for answers …

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As the sun sets there will be a rise in his Levi’s.

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but why did you create your account today?

how come every few questions each day are by BRAND NEW accounts?

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  1. Susan T November 10, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    If you’re a true Scorpio and he is as well, you make eye contact. It’s almost eerie how Scorpios can understand each other’s feelings when they look into each other’s eyes. If your eyes lock for just a second or two, smile slightly. If he continues to hold his stare, look away first. It’ll let him know that you’re interested but that you’re willing to let him make the first move. If he’s interested in you, he will. And yes, I’m a Scorpio and so is the man who’s in my life and although I never before believed in love at first sight, when I looked into his eyes, I just knew.

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