Do scorpio woman and Virgo men get along?

Do scorpio woman and Virgo men get along?
What is their comparability? Are they a good match?? Your stories?? Or expirience??

Suggestion by Michael
It doesn’t matter. Horoscopes and astrology are complete bullshit.

Suggestion by omkar nath singh
scorpio woman and virgo men can get along as per astrology, but the scorpion women should try to focus on money matters and the virgo men who are quite cozy and choosy should take proper care of their health and other sex related issues.

Suggestion by missvictoria
It’s hit or miss. Dated a virgo for a while, but I can tell it wasn’t going anywhere special. I got bored. The virgo also lacked affection. I believe they make better friends than boyfriends for Scorpio females.

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Is a Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman a compatible match?
I’m a Virgo girl, Sept 13th.. And this guy is a Scorpio, Oct 31st. I never dated a Scorpio it’s always been Capricorns and Cancers. I like him though he has this mysteriously kind thing to him. What do you think of us being together? Do you think we’d last? icon surprised Do scorpio woman and Virgo men get along?
I asked a question about horoscope, If you don’t have an answer then don’t bother commenting.

Suggestion by Megan
Ignore the horoscopes.
People are People.

Suggestion by josephz2va
It might not last long

Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave, a true friend.
Jealous, distrusting, secretive, violent, caustic.

Stubborn, violent and jealous. Just be careful with other men nearby you and he’s around. I can see some downfalls.

Suggestion by SaggiMC
Joseph,, you use the word ‘violent’ twice here for scorpio and there is *nothing* violent about scorpio’s OR any sign for that matter. It can however be seen in the astrological aspects.

Mars hard aspects Uranus is bad temper
Mars hard aspects to Pluto is violence, but if the energy is used doing something practical, like martial arts, bungee jumping, mountain climbing the riskier the better.

Virgo and Scorpio are two signs away =60′ sextile signs, which is not bad astrologically, I can think of much worse combinations…

Please, please consider posting YOUR chart/s (rather than data) as this makes answering much, much easier. Get a free natal chart from ASTRO.COM, save to hard drive, upload to free hosting site like photobucket or imageshack and then post a ‘direct link’ on here…. you can, if you wish in photobucket block out all personal data by going to edit, bottom left ‘switch to advanced editor’ on the left vertical toolbar, select eraser which is pink/white, save as copy or replace original as….IF you don’t feel comfortable posting in open forum please PM me with the link…..please follow the above directions closely, without shortcuts. Lots of people post a link that expires within few hours and this is a common mistake….. so please follow above closely!

First you need to understand you are not the sum total of your sun sign. There are 10planets in a natal chart and they can be in any one of 12 houses….
Next, mercury can only be upto one sign away from your sun sign and venus can only be upto two signs away.

Planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are *aspects.* the aspects are simply mathematical matters, which one planet makes to another. Think back to your school days, when an opposition = 180′ and a square =90′ a trine =120′ and these aspects are ‘facets of your personality’

The houses are like the backdrop of a stage, the setting if you like, the planets are like actors and the aspects are how the planets behave in that settings/stage…

You can get an immediate chart interpretation from From ‘free horoscopes tab look for free ‘personal portrait’ or ‘astroclick portrait’ interpretation of a natal chart in the free horoscope section, you simply put the cursor on a planet and it brings a pop up box to explain what it means to have a planet in that house and any other aspects it has to natal planets. plus a six month free transit report in ‘short report’ Robert Hand gives a valuable in depth explanation of transits here – only slight objection I have with astro, is they use orbs of upto maybe 10′ approaching, exact and departing. So most transits seem very long in effect. I use more realistic orbs of 1′ approaching, 1′ exact and 1′ departing.

How to Analyse 7th Marriage House

synastry, house overlays

Learn about synastry

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3 Responses to Do scorpio woman and Virgo men get along?

  1. Sun November 8, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    A very good match.

  2. sarra_hilfiger November 8, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    In short, yes the relationship will last.

    However, you have to watch out for the first 8 weeks with him in order to understand him. He has ups and downs, being nice with you for few days and silent for the next few days, then he will come back. And disappear again. Until you get the answer whether you and him in a relationship or not.

    I believe Scorpio is a bit possessive and quite jealous, but Virgo loves it that way. Hopefully once the romance starts, Virgo will get all the attention and love you have been looking for. =)

    So, at the moment, give some hints that you do really like him, and be very, very patient as Scorpio tends to take things quite slow (very slow to a Virgo). Don’t misread Scorpio’s silences or let them bring you down. Offer your Scorpio your trust, and he will give you unimagined delights in return, with all the stability, fidelity, and security you also crave.

  3. sakura November 8, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

    The combination of Virgo and Scorpio is a blend of practicality and emotions — all in one. Both of them work hard at making the relationship work, especially Virgo and that is truly cherished and appreciated by Scorpio. Neither of them is frivolous about being committed, and if once they commit to each other, this pairing is hard to break.

    As both the Virgo woman and Scorpio man discover the reality of love, they rediscover their soul and oneness in such a form that their odds become good and they unlock the gates of their hearts to be loyal and devoted towards each other forever after. They give an exciting glimpse to all the possibilities they share in their life and also have the power to realize a satisfying approach for their once seen dream. He understands the critical nature of his Virgo lady and his fineness and tenderness always help her out of miserable conditions while the magical presence of her makes him more open. They both encourage each other and magnify each others’ virtues. They bring out the liveliest stellar and most flamboyant rainbow out of their romance, walking side by side, and remaining close forever.

    Though Scorpio man and Virgo woman share a very beautiful relationship but there are some characteristics that are troubling for both of them. She can sometimes be very critical of him who never appreciates it; in fact it creates differences between them. On the other hand, the world famous depth of Scorpio man troubles her as this gives her the feeling of dissatisfaction and uninvolved in her own man’s life. Such situations can create long term troubles as well if they do not communicate and resolve the issues. But if taken seriously and understood they can make up even the biggest of problems. The Virgo woman’s independence allows these two to have a very manageable relationship with one another. Scorpio man’s self-confidence and his Virgo lady’s self-sufficiency create a golden foundation for a good relationship.

    P.S. Love conquers all. So, don’t rely too much on horoscope. Love has its ups and downs no matter where you go or who you choose. It will depend on both of your efforts and love whether you want your relationship to last or not. Good luck!

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