Do Scorpio men hold back their love for you in order to be in control?

Do Scorpio men hold back their love for you in order to be in control?
I read this somewhere that if a Scorpio man was falling for a girl, he wouldn’t express it because being in love to him means that his woman would have some control over him. Is this true based on your experience Scorpio men or women who’ve dated them. I kno scorpios hide emotions but I thought they were “passionate” in love. Explain.

Suggestion by Anthony Mayfield
Scorpios are very passionate and often show their emotions clearly. However they are very possessive and jealous. Sometimes they will hide their emotions but not for long. I wouldn’t say they don’t express their love by default.

Suggestion by l
most likely

Suggestion by Worldly Love
Yeah, they tend to want the upper hand in love relationships…esp in the beginning. They hate feeling out of control during the beginning stages of uncertainty. But, nonetheless, they are passionate. Once they finally give in, they can be very affectionate and relinquish full control.

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Suggestion by Kayda❀
My first love was scorpio. We dated for about a year and I don’t think we’re meant to be anymore. Idk. He moved away anyways.

I also knew a capricorn (girl) & scorpio (boy) who dated for awhile like me and him.
The girl happened to be one of the nominations for homecoming princess or something.,.but no wonder because she’s one of the prettiest and sweetest girls I’ve ever met!! And the boy is a really mellow, laid back guy who plays the ukelele really well! They broke up cause she moved. icon sad Do Scorpio men hold back their love for you in order to be in control? sad.

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2 Responses to Do Scorpio men hold back their love for you in order to be in control?

  1. ¸¸.·´°¤ AnnA ¤°`·.¸¸ October 28, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    not just for scorpio men, in the beginning all scorpio don’t like this feeling when someone caught their heart, it makes us vulnerable. Cause Love is a thing we cannot control to whom or when or predict when it comes and gone. So we usually hold back at first and try to analyze every risk if we step in , coz there’s always a chance we will get hurt, and we don’t like that.

  2. Abstract_Creation October 28, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    yea they do

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