Cancer Woman Scorpio Man

Scorpio Cancer

The astrological love match between a Scorpio man (October 23rd and November 21st) and a Cancer woman (22nd June and 22nd July) is something enjoyable to see. Both of them belong to the same element – Water, so they are emotional. At the beginning of dating, they will reach the relationship cautiously, slowly as well as carefully.

A Cancer woman

Some traits

A Cancer woman is a mysterious woman. She is kind and gentle with a good sense of humor. She will show the feeling of sensitivity. With her patience, she can control the jealousy of a Scorpio man successfully. Flexibility is her biggest point to win in any circumstances.

In love with a Scorpio man

A Scorpio man always finds the interest from a Cancer woman. She is full of mysteries, which stimulate the curiosity of Scorpio man. With her intelligence and humor, she will bring the colors and joys to his life and make a serious person like him to smile. She is actually a person, who can understand his soul and know his true characters under his composed and cool surface. A Scorpio man always feels comfortable because of her loyalty.

A Scorpio man

Some traits

It is difficult to understand a Scorpio man. He can sink into depression in the moment and feel happiness in other moment. In love with a Cancer woman, he is a great lover, who can make his partner be comfortable. Although he is a passionate lovers, but together with it he is very suspicious as well as jealous by nature too. He can be passionate about anything including love, sex and family.

In love with a Cancer woman

With his characters, a Scorpio man can be easy to win the heart of a Cancer woman. In love, he understands and appreciates her very well. He will deal with the wounded emotions as well as suffer her painful heartaches with her. With his warmth, a Cancer woman can seek the stable protection and support from him. He is only person, who cares her like a baby and respect her like a lady. As a Cancer woman, you should be patient and show your love with him because he is jealous and suspicious by nature.

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