Can you give me 10 facts about a scorpio man and pisces woman relationship?

Can you give me 10 facts about a scorpio man and pisces woman relationship?
just some randon facts about how these two water signs show there affection and love for eachother. oh, and please…no bullshit!

Suggestion by Black Rose
As much as I enjoy reading about the zodiac, I couldn’t help but point this out.

You asked for “facts” in the Horoscope Section of Y!A….on a topic that is not proven.
You then asked for “no bullshit” in the HOROSCOPES section of Y!A.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

I personally believe that the zodiac holds some truth to it, but that’s just my belief based on my experiences. Nothing is proven when it comes to astrology. You can’t really ask for facts about it, then. I can tell you that compatibility is different for everybody, and that sun signs don’t necessarily mean you ARE or ARE NOT compatible with someone.

Suggestion by Jasmine
1. The ultimate model couple in the zodiac.
2. We dont have to say anything..he “just knows’.
3. Can read a Pisces like a book.
4. Emotional and Spiritual connection like no others.
5. He keeps your secrets.
6.Even if you go out into the world…you still have your own world with him.
7. Scorpio’s are very picky & you should feel special that he chose you.

Suggestion by ♣♠♦♥
I agree with Jasmine, but I would also like to add that because Pisces is so sensitive, they get hurt alot by Scorpio (whether it’s intentionally or unintentionally.) Also, because Scorpio will be the dominate one in the relationship, there might be a problem with them trying to change the Pisces since Pisces is so changeable and weak (as in they don’t fight for their selves/justice as much as the aggressive signs such as Taurus and Scorpio.) Lastly, Pisces is very wish-washy and won’t provide Scorpio with the stability they crave.

On a good note, they can be so healing, loving and emotional together! :) Plus, I find that Pisces are adorable and I always think that they look like they could be a great boyfriend who will treat me right. ♥

What do you think? Answer below!

Pisces woman Scorpio man relationship problems! Help!?
Ok. I’m a Pisces woman in love with a Scorpio man. It’s kinda scary for me because I’ve never felt so vulnerable about a guy before. I feel like it’s almost too good to be true, and he says the same. Everything is wonderful BUT lately we’ve been arguing because he claims that I’m cheating on him when we’re not together. I have NEVER cheated on him and don’t plan to. One minute he’s mad but then it shifts to him being happy again and me being upset that he got so worked up in the first place. I’ve decided to withdraw from sex because I feel that I can’t give myself completely to someone when I feel that issues are unresolved. Now, we argue even more and he’s almost certain that I’m either cheating and don’t love him anymore. I’ve explained to him numerous times my feelings and why I’ve withdrawn from sex. Can someone help?

What types of insecurities arise in a typical Pisces woman and Scorpio man relationship? Why is sex so important to him when issues aren’t resolved? Please share some experiences if you have.

*Please don’t rant about how astrology doesn’t apply. You will be reported.*

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

video for @juhuluv15 what up girl hear is ur vid took forever but i am lazy lol

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  1. Pisces Lady says

    my first love was a scorpio n i was only 16!!! we tore each other apart. i’ll never understand why we had to meet each other so young…
    but anyway im now 20 and falling for another scorpio who is….34!!!!!!!!!
    so heres the facts…
    we were drawn to each other from the start (n i was still 19 then!)
    i could sense that i should ignore him to draw him in more
    it worked
    the first time i held eye contact with him i had a strong feeling he was really reading me & i immediately thought he was a scorpio
    after i found out his sign IS scorpio i got a little nervous lol
    the age difference threw me off so i x’d him out
    only for it to make us become good friends
    we’re both insanely psychic, sensitive, & compassionate
    he LITERALLY tapped into me when we were drunk and had a vision of one of my past lives
    no joke!!!!!!!!!!
    we could hold each other forever without saying anything and be completely fine with it
    we read each other well, & we know it
    we truly talk without saying words
    we haven’t slept with each other YET
    but im sure it will be an out of body experience
    even tho we’ve ticked each other off we got over it without saying sorry to each other
    he’s broken hearted over his ex fiance which just makes me like him more
    we’re not sure what we want from each other but we want to be around each other and cuddle ;)

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  2. i just wish says

    I once liked a scorpio man. We kind of liked each other but other issues were in the way.

    As for our “relationship”,
    we have this connection that’s unbelievably strong. When we would see each other again, after not talking for awhile, we would feel all nervous again like its the first time we met, and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach.
    We would share our innermost secrets and feelings and feel no judgement from the other party.
    We didn’t mind times when we would do nothing productive together and just sit there in each other’s presence.

    But days aren’t always this peaceful.
    Because we’re both very sensitive, we sometimes end up hurting each other when we choose the wrong words or interpret them the wrong way. And because the Scorpio man I love already has deep wounds, he gets hurt easily and pull away.

    We’re currently not in an okay state, but my love hasn’t changed.

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