Can a scorpio woman turn back after a break up?

Can a scorpio woman turn back after a break up?
if a scorpio woman really loved you and then something happen and she broke up with you, will she turn back to you while you are still in her heart?

will she forgive you if she loves you, or will she insult you and hurt you when you ask her to turn back?

I would love to read from experiences. thanks!

Suggestion by purselect
You can’t believe in horoscopes. You have to ask her, know her, find out about one another.

Suggestion by wildironsoul
it depends on how you treated her when you were together, and what you broke up over. if were overall good to her but you guys just fell out over something minor, she’ll think about it and in the end decide you weren’t that bad at all and come back to you. we are deep thinkers and we weigh ppl on a scale. we weight the good and bad. if there was more good, we’ll want to work things out after we take a breather from you. we understand that there will be some bad in a relationship, but we cant take it if there is mostly negative times being with someone. scorpio women arent afraid of being by themselves and we’ll choose that over staying in some bullshyt.

if all you did was hurt her, scorpio woman wont forget that and you’ll be wasting your time asking her to come back. in some cases, its best not to want her back, especially if you were just a pure @sshole to her. you may be signing your own death warrant cos depending on how nasty you were to her, you might end up like the burning bed. some of us have deep vengeance issues and we’ll pay a person back in a heartbeat. some of us just walk away and NEVER return. either way, you end up dead to us.

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do you call this love (Scorpio woman and Taurus man) ?
I’m a Scorpio woman when i was 15 years old i went with my girl friend to her school there where i met this Taurus guy (16 years old). he liked me in the first sight, i liked him too..he got my cell number and my address…ect he was always telling me “when i finish high school i’ll marry you, you are the one for me”, i was going with my friend to her school just to see him than we stopped seeing each other because we were not in the same school and i could not keep going to his school, and also he was living far from my house and my school too. Than he kept calling me and he never forgot to wish me happy birthday or happy new year and always keeping telling me:”i will marry you u r the one for me”…..he was coming all the way from where he were living at night and sat under my balcony than he call me: ” i miss you come out on your balcony to see you” than i go to the balcony to see him and we keep talking on the phone..LOL we were still like this for 3 years (phone and balcony)….how ever he liked me so much he never asked me to date him or to be in relationship “you are the one for me i’ll marry you” thats what he knew to say !!!!
after these 3 years passed (i was 18 and he was 19 years old) we both got our high school diploma but i was moving to America and when i told him i’m leaving he said: “so what?? i’ll wait for you ” i said:” you can’t because im leaving forever” he said:” okey i’ll come to you, you are for me”
than i left to USA without even leaving him my address or my phone number, after my first 2 years in USA he gave me a call in my cell number and he said: ” you forgot about me, you didn’t leave me anything to contact you but you see i was always asking about you until i got your number, i can never forget about you even you did”.
than he still always the same keep calling me even though the phone calls very expensive to the USA .this happend 3 years ago after my moving to USA.
Now im 23 years old and he’s 24 years old and we still the same we talk on the phone,msn,skype and facebook. he’s waiting for me to marry me.!

what do you think??? does he really love me??

Suggestion by pori
i think you guys should date first cuz love can be said you two never dated.marriage is a big thing you know.
with a date you two can get to know each other better and understand whether this is love or just infatuation.

Suggestion by JMB
It’s the opposites attract combo and maybe he could.

Suggestion by Jackee808
GIRL~!!! Opposite Attractions ^^ i’m a female Taurus and I loves me some Male Scorpios ^^ Obviously he does love you, deary.. But I think it’s best if you guys date first before anything. Keep things on the safe side before you take your first step down to the alter.

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