Can a Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman work?

Can a Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman work?
So im in love with a Scorpio man, im also a Scorpio woman.We’ve been together for about 7 months. Everything is there, we plan on getting married in the future, but i was wondering if a Scorpio man & woman can work

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Yes, this can work as there are no marriage laws preventing people with the same star sign from getting married.

Suggestion by Scorpio Dragon
There is nothing better than these two couples, they love each other in a crazy way, they are faithful and they believe that their married will last forever. they can understand each other and make their life be as the way they want it. you won’t get better than being with a scorpio man.

just try not to make him angry, don’t make him so jealous. don’t talk about another men infront of him, even from behind him. he can know every thing. his eyes will read yours so well. you can’t hide anything from him, he is a spy and psychic and work as undercover. be aware by making him having a suspecious mind. if he trust you then you should be sure that he is feeling comfortable and you should be sure to keep all his secrets. I think you are a scorpio and you know how we are more likely to keep secrets ;)
all what you hate, know that he hates it too. all what you love , he loves it too. he is just your mirror. keep the love, you and him both worth that romantic love ;)
5* for this relation!

good luck!

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Scorpio man in love with scorpio woman?Is he really or just love her as a friend?
A bit confused here!
We are both scorpio, friends since school and meet again after years! The situation between us was never clear as we were companion, we were never together as a couple but….there was allways an intesity for example…..although he had girlfriend he was getting mad when i was close to a boy, getting aggressive with me etc. when he heard from a friend of me 2 years before i was seriously with a man now, he lost his temper and got sick (by the way he asked to learn because he saw her with me once somewhere :P).
Now we met after years and talk for some months constantly i observe we r a bit obsessed with our communication. And now is the time i need your opinion….
WHile we just simply talk friendly way..He sends me love songs many times, he throws sometimes on the air he loves me, he repeats that how beautiful and clever i am….he throws mean things about my boyfriend (oftern compares to him) and me dont know what to say or do. He is very flirty generally , he has always been so i dont take him seriously….but i see he gets angry when i do that and i start thinking he is a bit serious indeed! After that he cuts communication for days or although he is chatting avoids talk to me…and after that he wakes me up in the middle of the night with messages at my cell phone …”hey baby…how r u!Have a nice day! or happy new month!:P”…at
4 am!He always repeats that he cares so much about me being happy !
Due to the fact we r both scorpios we communicate excellent but feel both vulnerable…so hiding! Is like a constant hide and seek!My intuition says is not so simple thing!And i dont want neither loose the communication with him nor exposing me ….

Is he really in love?Is he just so much loving his friend?Is he find challenging winning a scorpio girl ?or make her prefer him ?i dont know what to think cause he is so mysterious….and lol im sure he things same about me!what is going on?at all

Suggestion by Billy
horoscopes are fake

Suggestion by Allison
It’s possible that he loves you. In a Scorpio (especially male), it’s all in their eyes. If they constantly stare at you, then they like and want you. Scorpio men get very jealous and are likely to throw fits if someone he loves flirt with other people. One false move and the Scorpio man is very hurt. They’re extremely sensitive.

It seems that he does want you and he is jealous about you and your boyfriend. Whenever you cross a Scorpio man, they tend to get revenge and do harsh pranks at you.

Suggestion by moderatorlinkfromgaiaisgay
YYYYYYYYYYYEP, he has feelings for you. Theres almost no doubt about that.

I guess you two just never seem to be single at the same time?
Scorpio guys arent really so possessive of women that they arent attracted to. Theyd be as possessive and jealous with female friends as male friends unless they have feelings for them, then things get a little more intense, and he seems to be behaving this way with you, so..

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@cocafaye thank you for you’re support and i loved doing this video i love me a taurus man

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